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Phew, I had a good fourth! I ate a ton of awesome stuff! :P


4th: Small breakfast, snacked on peanut butter and strawberries. Lunch consisted of: a double patty burger with spinach on an onion bun, dill pickles, two ears of corn, two servings of bbq beans, a handful of diced and grilled sweet potato, some watermelon, and two peanut butter brownies. I had another peanut butter brownie and a handful of strawberries before dinner. For dinner, I had a single patty burger with spinach on an onion bun, some pickles, an ear of corn, some more diced sweet potato, and another handful of watermelon. Sooooo good.


I got to bed at 12.


Fun fact: Corn on the cob is my favorite thing, mostly because I was unable to eat it for seven years or so. So I've eaten a whole lot of it over the last couple days.


5th: Tuna salad sandwich with spinach on the same kind of bun and an ear of corn. Had another burger with spinach on an onion bun, an ear and a half of corn, sweet potatoes, and more pickles for lunch. Snacked on strawberries. Dinner was small, I just snacked on an ear of corn, the last of the sweet potato, and dill pickles.


I got to bed at 12:12.


6th: I had a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. I had a sort of pre-lunch meal of a tuna salad sandwich on a fancy gluten-free bread (love it because it doesn't fall apart and doesn't taste like a sponge-cake) with pickles and an ear of corn. I then had lunch at Five Guys', I had a little burger and split a large fry. Snacked on peanut butter and more pickles (yeah, I can eat those right after one another). I got chicken, rice, and cooked onion, bell pepper, banana pepper, and a dollop of home-made pesto sauce.


I finished workout A, and got to bed at 11:34.


7th: I had chicken, rice, and cooked onion, bell pepper, and banana pepper. I had a Cowboy Burger (hamburger with grilled onion, bacon, and the usual veggies) from Applebee's. Before dinner, I snacked on pickles, strawberries, and 2tbsp. peanut butter. Dinner was chicken, rice, and broccoli. I was craving some ice cream, so I had a single bowl (about a cup) of chocolate ice cream. I've been really good about eating fruits and nuts instead of processed sugary stuff, but one bowl won't hurt. It actually tasted much sweeter, since I haven't had any for a long while.


Had class and wrestled, starting on the ground. I got my head handed to me as the ground isn't where I excel. I got to bed at 1 AM. :(


I absolutely could have gone to bed two or so hours earlier, but I had just started a new season of Castle and the cliffhangers were to much to bear. I had to watch three more episodes in order to reach a point where I could stop. It was worth it.




The family has a garden growing in the backyard now (that's where the pesto and banana peppers came from), and now we've got three jalapeño pepper plants and one habanero pepper plant. Spicy food is in my future, and it'll taste fantastic.


I changed up how i've been making chicken since it's super hot in the middle of the day now. Instead of baking the chicken, i've been pan-frying it using a drizzle of soy, black pepper, and oregano on each piece. I think i'm getting the hang of allowing the chicken to get nice and juice after its done cooking. The pieces that look like they'd taste like jerky are actually very juicy!


I also went out and bought a pair of sweat pants to wear for workout B. I think that I recognized the issues with my deadlift form, but I don't really like the bar grazing my shins. I'm not going to allow myself to use the pants as an excuse for bad form, but it'll be nice to keep my shins from getting scratched. :D

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Hah! I had to do the same thing for my legs when I did Stronglifts. I needed the bar near to me but I hated getting all scratched up.


Never quite got the hang of pan-frying chicken... although I really wish I had. I think it'd be a lot more fun than batch-baking a bunch of breasts and then gnawing on them.


Sounds like you had a fantastic time over the holiday! Glad to hear. :)

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8th: Chicken and broccoli for breakfast. Two ears of corn and peanut butter for lunch. Ground beef, rice, and broccoli for dinner. Snacked on strawberries.


Finished Workout B and treaded water for a bit, which I am very proud of. :D I got to bed at 11:30.


9th: Some more beastly ground beef, rice, and broccoli for breakfast. Snacked on two tbsp. of peanut butter. Ground beef and rice for lunch. Two tbsp. peanut butter and watermelon, a lot of watermelon, for dinner.


Had some Judo practice, tossing family members around. I got to bed at 1:12


10th: Peanut butter sandwich, watermelon, and ground beef and rice for breakfast. Watermelon and peanut butter for lunch. Parmesan chicken, rice, and broccoli for dinner.


Finished workout A, and got to bed at 11:16.


11th: Peanut butter and watermelon, and lemon parmesan chicken and breakfast. Peanut butter sandwich and watermelon for lunch. Pan-fried parmesan chicken with rice and broccoli for dinner. Snacked on peanut butter after dinner.


I got to bed at 12:35.


12th: Peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. An Applebee's Cowboy burger with sweet potato fries for lunch. I snacked on peanut butter after lunch. Some savage ate the rest of the parmesan chicken that I made, so I had a California burrito for dinner. :/


I got to bed at 12:16.


13th: Peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. I had a banana around lunch time, then I had some peanut butter, a tuna salad sandwich on an onion bun, and a piece of chicken. I had more parmesan chicken and a tuna salad sandwich on an onion bun for dinner.


I finished workout B. I worked in with another guy whom wanted to use the power rack. We were trading off, and then he put my weights back on the bar. It didn't occur to me till about three minutes later, but he was waiting for me to do my next set. I had a temporary case of brain diarrhea. :P

I'm up to 90 lbs on my squats, 60 lbs on my OHP, 65 lbs on bench press, 85 lbs on rows, and 135 lbs on my deadlift.
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I'll take all the gains, noob or otherwise!


14th: Peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, with part of a pear and two tangerines. Chicken and rice for lunch. More peanut butter and two more tangerines for a snack after lunch. I had a baked potato with rice on top for dinner. I also indulged in some chocolate ice cream, i'm not sure why i've been craving it with all the sweet fruits that i've been eating.


I got to bed at 12:50 that night.


15th: Peanut butter sandwich with three tangerines for breakfast. 2 tbsp. peanut butter before lunch. Ground beef, steamed broccoli, rice, and a little bit of cooked onion and bell pepper. I didn't have anything significant for dinner. My Argentinian friend offered me some Argentinian snacks and I thought why the heck not. One was a small chocolate covered biscuit, which really tasted like a simple chocolate-covered Fig Newton. He then grabbed some kind of sweet potato gelatin and some gouda cheese. I thought that there was no way in hell that i'd like it. I braced myself and took a bit of some gouda on top of a slice of sweet potato stuff. It turned out to taste pretty darn good!


I finished workout A and got to bed at 11:58.


16th: Ground beef, broccoli, and cooked onion and bell pepper for breakfast. 2 tbsp. of peanut butter, half a grilled-cheese and bacon sandwich, with half a cup of roasted red pepper tomato soup that my dad offered for me to try, for lunch. It also tasted pretty good, we make grilled cheese sandwiches in the proper southern fashion, with tons of butter! I then pan-fried some chicken and asparagus, and had some broccoli on the side for dinner. I also had some peanut butter after dinner.


Here's were I misbehaved: I didn't sleep. I chose to stay up to finish merging the updates for one of my side projects. My "Boss" (I don't get paid) asked for the updates, and considering that he's heading off to a convention today it was in my best interest to ensure that he had those features to show off.


17th: 2 tbsp. peanut butter, 2 dill pickle spears, ground beef and asparagus for breakfast (not all at once). A piece of chicken and a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I then had two chicken pita sandwiches and some beef shawarma and fries for dinner. I'll be having the other two for breakfast, seeing as I didn't make any food today. :P


I attempted to take a two hour nap around 12 PM. I woke up at 8 PM, and I vaguely remember getting up just long enough to turn off my alarm. I didn't workout today, so that's the first time that i've missed a day since starting Stronglifts. I had planned to, but in retrospect I think I would have hurt myself had I attempted to workout running on two percent battery.


In the last few weeks of this challenge i've been sucking when it comes to sleep. I'm going to try to remedy that. Heading to bed now. I have no clue what i'm doing tomorrow, but its gonna rock.

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Good. Fatigue makes cowards of us all.


And don't freak about Stronglifts. There's a corrective protocol built into it. Just pick up where you left off. You'll be fine.


Also, Gouda. Makes everything... better. :P


Southern, huh? Whereabouts?

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I'm not southern, but I'm saying that the recipe that I know calls for A LOT of butter. Super tasty!


This challenge went by so fast. :/


18th: Two chicken pita sandwiches for breakfast. An Applebee's Cowboy burger with normal fries for lunch. For dinner, I finished off the leftover beef shawarma fries, which tasted really good cold.


I got to bed at about 12:15.


19th: Peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. 2 tbsp. peanut butter for lunch. Had a Italian sub with salami, ham, roast beef, and pepperoni, plus lettuce, tomato, etc. for dinner. I ate the sub with a good helping of Italian dressing that came on the side. Yummm.


Bed around 12:10.


20th: Peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. One and a half slices of left over gluten free pizza, loaded with onion, mushroom, pepperoni, tomato, and olives (not sure about the olives) for lunch. I had two helpings of chicken, rice, and cooked onion, bell pepper, and banana pepper for dinner. I tried out some home grown jalapeno with my dinner, but there wasn't a lot of it and it was quite disappointing. It wasn't spicy or flavorful. :(


I finished workout B today, and failed on my OHP again. My sets looked like: 5/5/5/2/5 at 65 lbs. I'm very happy with how my deadlifts are going, and i'm especially happy that I can finally use the 45 pounders on each side. Deadlifting is much more enjoyable when I don't have to reach down so far.


I'm going to force myself to stop at 10 and head to bed. I won't be coding anymore tonight. Gonna play some games instead.


I also haven't done any martial arts practice in a little over a week. I'll see if I can get that sorted for tomorrow.

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End of Challenge Roundup



  • Practice Aam ka jutsu at least twice a week [DEX 2, STA 2] –– (8/12)
  • Follow Stronglifts 5x5 plan by going to the gym 3 times a week [sTR 3, STA 2] –– (17/18)
  • Eat an excess of healthy food (at least three meals a day; at least one meal with a good source of protein) [CON 3] –– (98% guesstimate)
  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep (get in bed by 10 PM) [sTA 3] –– (I did poorly when it comes to sleeping at a reasonable time, so i'll give myself 1 point. The reason being that i'm more consistent with the times that i'm going to bed, even though they aren't the target time.)


Total points: STA: 5, DEX 2, STR, 3, CON 3


I think that I did alright overall this challenge, although my sleeping habits are still not what they should be.

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Overall, I'd say you got the right of it. You didn't do bad by a long shot. :) All you gotta do is refine some things. Refining sleep is probably a fantastic choice, but I'd say that you should be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself to perform well there. That has the inverse effect of making sleep harder, and that's not good. :D


Dang, was really hoping I'd met another Southerner... XD

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^^^  Yep.  Working on sleep is very good, but don't stress about it.


Otherwise great results!  Strong success in the lifting and eating side, which work nicely together.  Martial arts trailing a bit but hopefully more soon.

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