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madbethcash runs trails and tries to do pull-ups

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I fizzled on my last challenge BUT RESPAWN and learn from it!


My long term fitness goals are basically to be a Ranger, aka dirtbag, aka running and rock climbing with some horses thrown in, maybe. 


Fitness goals for this challenge are to 1) train consistently (running) for the 5- or 10-mile trail run and road half-marathon I'm going to do in the fall and 2) build upper body & core strength. 


Also, eat some more vegetables and stop letting the library charge me late fees.




running -

mostly following Hal Higdon's intermediate running plan. Run 3-4 miles 2-4 days a week, plus a long run and a speed workout. Speed workouts are new to me. I will do my first one next week. Long runs started yesterday with 6 miles, continue next weekend with 7. I need to map out distances for the LR i.e. how far to go each run (I think I have more than 7 weeks before the half, so I'll be adjusting distances between 8-14 miles once I get up there.)

ALSO - trail run. At least 2x month for an hour. I'm in DC and there are really plenty of places with trails, I just need to work out transportation to/from with an eye on smart recovery (i.e. not letting myself get dehydrated or hangry).


upper body & core strength -

I'm starting over with the Nia Shanks "Get Strong" program which I started for the first time with the last challenge. It was definitely working, but I went away for a weekend and then needed to increase my intensity and I hit a wall of hard because I couldn't figure out how to do that with the furniture in my apartment. This time I'm going to figure that out before, not during (I think I can use the stairwell in my building for asst pistols and elevated push-ups. And I should just be able to lower my starting height for doing bedsheet doorway rows to intensify those until chin-ups are an option.)



yoga at least one 20-minute session per week (focusing on hips, back)

vegetables at least one meal every two days that is veggie heavy (i.e. green smoothie, salad, roasted veggie platter). (I go up and down with my healthy eating. Which is OKAY because at least it's not disordered anymore. but my skin especially thanks me for the leafy greens.)

it should not be that hard to keep up on renewing my library books. BE PREEMPTIVE, instead of waiting to renew them until they're due, get anything due that week renewed at the same time when I'm on the website. cool!

ankle exercises and foam rolling at least 3x week.

go to the climbing gym at least twice (once will be for ropes test, once just for fun)



other than posting periodic updates on here, I want to start the habit of writing down every workout. I'm thinking traditional notebook, but I might try to find an app, or just use an evernote note. this has been haphazard for me in the past and though I have automatic tracking for running via mapping applications, there's a lot of satisfaction to be had scrolling through the past weeks and seeing every day you did something with your body. so that is going to happen.


It is probable that I'll come up with some other things I want to work on during the next six weeks to add to this, so stay tuned...

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My mom and my brother can BOTH school me on the pull-up bar haha. so I want to try to impress them plus, you know, compete on Ninja Warrior someday... (and also MUSCLES)


did my 3 miles and GS yesterday despite having to run an awkward pedestrian-heavy route since it got dark (conference call went way over time) and feeling my legs shaking like mad on the asst pistol squats. and some bruised back pain from falling off a horse on Monday. whoops! So today is earmarked for rest + yoga later before bed unless I'm hanging out in DC after my meeting and before my Ruby on Rails installation party (taking a bootcamp class tomorrow to kickstart a certain life plan of mine) and find myself raring to run around the mall (which is possible).


I need to review the rules of the mini-challenge/s but wanted to post these here and think about participating:

  • Endurance Feat - Usually something based on time or distance - run 1.5 hours on trails

  • Strength Feat - Usually something based on poundage - 10 perfect standard push-ups

  • Speed Feat - Usually something based on reducing the time required to complete a task. Could also be a dexterity-based challenge - run a sub-30-minute 5K!

  • Combat Feat - Very individualized. Could be a strength-based feat, a dex-based feat, something in the martial arts or yoga. - will have to think about this one. Considering something to do with jump squats. or maybe burpees. or maybe crow pose. or handstands....

  • Healing Feat - A non-physical goal. Could be diet-related, something spiritual or meditative, finance-related. Totally up to you. - Keeping my apartment clean might win this category.

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Did a 4 mile run on Thursday morning (!) (#fitnessfirst!) before I took my programming class. ran the last mile in 10:30 which is speedy for me! I wanted to shorten the run during the entire run but I kept moving forward and took a few more walk breaks instead. I was feeling pretty fatigued all week (hormones probably.)


Friday was horseback riding and then Saturday I had an intro to outdoor rock climbing class which was AWESOME and left my entire upper body sore for the whole of yesterday. So I didn't run but I'm okay with that. As I said, fatigue.


Today feeling back to normal so far so depending on afternoon humidity I'm going to either run outside or treadmill 3 miles. and get in my GS workout. And maybe some yoga.

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