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QuirkyDM going Quazy

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Only a few days and I am posting again! Woot!


This is the OCR Academy from almost a month ago. Now the proof is official. So many upper body toys! Training obstables from easy OCR up to Ninja Warrior difficulty. We were there for an hour and a half and my arms were dead pretty soon into it, but the kids and I just couldn't stop! I even managed to get up a rung on the Salmon Ladder! My arms were so spent from the hour of exercise before that, I couldn't get a second rung. They had Warped Walls there, too. The 12' warped wall was easy. The 14' wall though- I am a good foot short of that one. But maybe with some practice. Like this weekend at the Spartan Training course I'm signed up for! With the shoulder well on the mend (finally) I am really looking forward to it.


Sliding down the warped wall after another failed attempt ...



Climbing the peg board- see those two stars about 4 holes over? That's where the 4x4 runs behind the pegs and you have to skip those. No one told me that though, which means that's where I couldn't keep the pegs going anymore.



And a little hanging around:



Not that I was hanging out alone. I had a couple good, younger competitors along with me:





I doubt I'll have pictures this weekend, but I will hopefully have some good stories. Or pain. Lots of pain.

Quirky DM

My Battle Log: QuirkyDM going Quazy

"Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure."


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Looks like you all had a blast. Some indication of what the starred bits on the peg board means would've probably saved you some aggravation!

Yeah, I didn't have enough gas left in me to try again after that. That must be a privilege of being a member there- knowing all the tricks of the gear.



So cool! Looks like the perfect place for the quirky family to play!

Definitely, yes!


On Saturday I went back to the OCR Academy for a Spartan SGX training session. Of course, the warm up had a set of 30 burpees, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could still do 30 burpees without needing a break. Or a wheelchair afterwards. Then we broke into groups and got instruction on how to climb ropes, traverse walls, monkeys bars, normal walls, rings and tarzan swings. After my fourth try I even got through the tarzan swing- booyah! And that was it for my arms for the rest of the day after that. :)


I did learn a few good tricks for the walls which I may need on those longer courses where my arms are spent. At the end of the course, we did a mini gauntlet of obstacles, but I bailed on the inverted wall due to very tired arms and had to do a 5 burpee penalty. And since I was the fourth person on the course, I was the first one to do burpees. But definitely not the last. Next time I'll know the tricks to make that easier. And because we couldn't do any hill running, they put us on fan bikes at the start and that's where I knew my crappy cardio would hurt me. And it totally did. So strength wise I'm alright, but I definitely need to get my cardio back.


Afterwards, they had a few booths up outside from the sponsors, a platinum rig and a spear throw. It really felt like being at a mini spartan run. I did a few spear throws until I finally got one to stick then I headed home where I had lasagna waiting for me as the perfect recovery food. :)

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Quirky DM

My Battle Log: QuirkyDM going Quazy

"Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure."


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