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Hi! My name is Anna aka Hippolyte (for one of the most famous leaders of the Amazons, those women were badass).  I have been relatively fit my whole life but multiple surgeries and my own lack of motivation have prevented me from reaching my true potential. I want to make the world my playground and not let lack of strength or overall fitness hold me back.  Too often I stand in my own way and I'm hoping NF will put that to a stop. 


My main quest is to be able to do 3 reps of 10 pull ups; I'd like to be able to lift my own bodyweight 


Quest 1: workout for at least 45 minutes (good, focused workouts) 5x a week


Quest 2: no regularly eating dairy.  I have a dairy sensitivity so it makes me sick but I have little self control.. (exceptions are things like my 93 yr old grandma's cinnamon buns, not cupcakes that my coworkers brought in)


Quest 3: stretch everyday.  I have naturally tight muscles and stretching is something I tend to neglect 



I have a lot of trouble staying motivated past a week and I tend to just want to eat junk, but I want to finally stick with it.  I'm young and would like to get my body in peak shape to allow myself to go farther and harder. To be able to climb anything, flip over stuff, etc


I'm excited to meet everyone here!!

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