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Bodyweight ideas needed, lost access to the gym

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Hi all!  I was using the gym at my College last semester, but now that i'm transferring to University in the fall, I don't have access to the on campus gym until classes start.  I'm trying to come up with a bodyweight routine that I can stick to for the next two months, when I'll be able to use the gym again.


I'd like to divide it up over six days - two upper body, two lower body, and two ab/core, with one day for rest.


I've gone through a number of bodyweight routines/books/sites/etc. and found exercises that I could probably manage without killing myself:


Upper body:

Pushup, Tricep Dip, Front & Side Raise, Bent Over Row


Lower Body:

Side/Front/Back Lunge, Squats, Prisoner Squats, "Bicycle Crunch" (?)



Plank and side plank


I can't do pullups or chinups, I just don't have the upper body strength for it yet, but it's something I'd like to work towards.


I know this is by no means thorough, but it's all I could come up with on my own.  I'd love some input on creating something that's active, consistent, and won't get boring after two weeks.  Also, I am cautious of my right ankle, it's been surgically reconstructed, so I tend to avoid jumping or running too much with it or it starts to hurt.


I'm 5'7", 176lbs, 41yo F.


Thank you anyone who decides to give me a hand.  I want to achieve my goals, but I need some guidance and accountability.  I made a little progress a few months ago, I need to get back on track.  Thanks!

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Do you have access to a bar or similar for chins/pull ups? I know you said you can't do them but the sooner you start working towards them the sooner you will be able to do them. For me, and a lot of others, they are the king upper body bodyweight move.

Start with negatives, or band assisted, or chair assisted. 


I assumed with all the exercises you listed you are planning on working through progressions with each? More reps, less rest, harder version etc.


Other good exercises for a part of the body you missed out might be stiff legged one leg deadlift (or similar) and glute bridges (and bridges in general). They'll target your posterior chain.


What about handstand progression for vertical push movement?

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Are you really sure you want to do 6 work days a week? You mentioned that you can't do pull-ups yet, that tells me your strength is at a beginner level. At this stage, 3-4 full body workouts is all you need and is much more effective than a dreadful, complicated split plan.


I'd say do one upper-body push and pull exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise in each workout (so 4 exercises total).


You could alternate exercises every other workout: Push-ups & dips, squats & lunges, overhand & underhand grip for bodyweight rows, supermans & planks.


Bodyweight squats get easy fast, so maybe you could try and work towards pistol squats ;)

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I'm a Fan of StartBodyWeight.  It's the program I'm doing right now.

The basic Routine is Here:


Progressions for each exercise are here:


If you want to adapt the basic routine to different goals, routine variations are here:



Another good routine can be found on Reddit:



Either routine will get you good results.  I'd recommend just picking one suited to your current level of fitness (Don't do more days of Bodyweight workouts than you were doing in the gym before losing gym access) and sticking with it.

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Depending on where you were with your gym exercises, you might be able to move up to harder exercises. Like bacon hunter said, bodyweight squats get easy quickly. If you find that you are able to do 10+ reps of any other exercises (or very long holds of isometric exercises like planks), you should move up to the next exercise in the progression. The start bodyweight routines above are solid starting points, but be sure to tailor each exercise to your level of ability


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The reason I didn't have a problem working out 6 days was because, quite frankly, I'm bored.  With school not in session my schedule is wide open.  Any suggestions about what to do other than this would be appreciated.  Yes I'd be trying to do them in progression, and no I don't have access to a bar, sadly.  I wanted to purchase one, but my fiance recently lost his job so we just don't have the extra money.


I'll take a look at the routines you've all suggested/posted today.  Thanks so much!

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.â€

~ Buddha


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Will do.

So are you suggesting I do a full body workout every other day, rather than breaking it up by body part?


Yes, I think that's the most efficient method unless you are an advanced strength athlete. Depending on how sore you get from the workouts and how fast you recover, even just 3 workouts per week are enough.

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