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AKA my first 6 week challenge.


I've just resumed training again after having no consistency since february (when I had my best PL meet so far).


Main quest


Get back up to speed.


I intend to be lifting regularly, get my conditioning up, and if possible, start trimming a little of the excess body fat.


To that end:


Side Quest 1: Sun's out, Guns out


I'm scheduled to train 4 days per week, every week. Successful completion of the quest requires 20+ sessions completed


Side Quest 2: Fuel the Beast


I need to eat better. Cook my evening meal from scratch, twice a week.


Side Quest 3: Sleep Neo


I don't get enough sleep. Aim for 50 hours per week. Minimum 45, no more than 2 nights/week with less than 6 hours sleep (ie, asleep by midnight Sun-Thur)

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Checking in and saying hi!  I have also seen your Battle Log.


Your list of Quests is interesting because I have a lot of the same issues.  I got a very good focus on cooking my own meals from posting here and a lot of people chimed in with ideas and encouragement.


EDIT:  I just noticed!  Your post is in the Last Challenge section.  You might do well to request a move or just copy and paste.


Link:  http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/forum/447-recruit/

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