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Hi, I am Ryan, and this is my first challenge! I go to the gym, do yoga, eat paleo (although I do eat dairy, my bad) and love being alive! I'm a poultry scientist, so I do nutritional research with chickens for a living. I'm joining because I'm already levelling up my life, how much more awesome to share it with people! Plus I'm a massive geek at heart :D


Main Quest:  Fix anterior pelvic tilt


Quest 1: Research the problem, figure out how to fix it - almost complete, i know whats going on and how to fix it, just need to formalise a workout plan


Quest 2: Every minute of every hour of every day - practice correct alignment.


Quest 3: Stretch and strengthen every morning - stretch quads and lower back, strengthen abs and glutes


Quest 4: Train glutes and abs three times a week


Life Quest: Get out of bed a little earlier and get things done


Motivation:  I'll need to take some photos of my old posture and correct posture - it is simply incredible! I truly had no idea the difference it makes. And so so so many people just do not know they have anterior pelvic tilt and it saddens me

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