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Question about lack of DOMS

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I'm new to NF and loving it!! I've been following the alternate days bodyweight circuit/HIIT plan.


I have a strength training question for anyone in the know about training.  I've been doing the beginner's bodyweight circuit, and definitely find it challenging, and can feel my muscles working.  I am noticing that I feel more up for physical tasks already - so I assume that it's helping.


That said, I haven't been experiencing much soreness!!!  I had maybe one day of soreness, and I stretched and it was better the next day.  Now, despite continuing the exercises and upping my #s each time, I haven't experienced soreness.


Am I still experiencing strength gains if I'm not sore?


Thank you!

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Welcome aboard!  Yes, you can get stronger without being overly sore.  Your workout should leave you nicely 'fatigued'.  ie, you wouldn't want to start over again right away.


DOMS/soreness depends on so many factors including nutrition, genetics, previous activity levels, rest, etc.   "The burn" is largely a marketing phrase used by trainers to justify their behaviour and the money you give them.


Just keep increasing the numbers.

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