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Intermittment Fasting, Paleo and weights

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So here's something that got me a bit concerned over the last few days since I started trying to do intermittment fasting.


Just this week I've decided to try out intermittment fasting consistently. It made sense to me not to eat breakfast because I literally woke up not hungry. This was me for the last few months before coming out here every weekend. My parents often complained about me not eating breakfast on Saturdays, at least until I crawl out of my room, steal my bacon and eggs and hide back into my little retreat.


Fast forward 'til now. I started eating Paleo just a few weeks ago, and I'm beginning to get the hang of it. I did cheat a little (a beer a week ago, and then ice cream and fries just last weekend), but I know that as long I get back into it, I'll be even better. So far I haven't even broke. My diet usually consists of the meaty portion (usually whatever the cooks give me... Yeah, I had to comprimise for Chicken Parmesan instead of what looked like inedible fish) and accompanying vegetables, a plate full of spinach, cucumbers and carrots, and usually an orange (and maybe a bowl of fruit if I can grab some) and two glasses of water.


This is really my meal every day of the day while on contract here.


What I've found so far that I can survive on one meal on my rest days while on my workout days I could go for lunch to fuel up before working out and then eating my last meal. What concerns is me sometimes I might miss my dinner on my workout days (like yesterday) so I won't get a chance to refuel until my next feeding window. I don't feel as hungry or light headed so I've no idea if I'm doing it right. I'm doing Starting Strength right now, accompanied by a walk in sometimes, bare foot.


Would I be at risk of going really deep into the calorie deficit? I'm around 35%, maybe lower, for BF%.


Thanks for your opinions guys. :D

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Which IF plan are you following? Leangains 16:8 or similar?

There is no rule that says your feeding windows have to be the same each day. One day you can skip breakfast, another you can skip dinner. You've just got to be sensible about it. You also don't have to do it every day. So if you happen to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner one day the world doesn't implode.


I follow eat-stop-eat which is 24hr fasts once or twice a week. In the book Pilon (the author) actively recommends you mix up which days and meals you skip. So one week i might go from dinner wednesday til dinner thursday and the next i might do from lunch to lunch on tuesday/wednesday.

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Re feeding windows:  what Dradis said.


Re your calories: Yeah, going too large into a deficit, especially as SS amps up - just no. 

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Dradis, that makes sense. Right now I skip breakfast and then my feeding window starts on lunch + dinner on my workout days (workout in between) and then dinner only on some days. Basically something similar to the leangains One Pre-workout meal. I don't have a third meal before bed, because my lunch would be standard portions. I guess it should be ok if I feel hungry for some of those days and just go to those meals. I found that I feel leaner when I wake up each day, so something IS working.


Ditto on calories right now. I haven't felt like I struggled too much yet. I'm only stalling on OHP right now at 45. I've only stopped my progress on squats so I can do a proper form check in a bit. However, I'm still at 95 lbs. Just wondering if I decided to stay on Paleo + IF, I realize if I'm going to continue on SS, I'll have to either a) switch to another program that will suit my other goals or B) stop being strictly Paleo and start consuming some dairy and carbs.

I'm a bit lazy to make a signature at the moment, but here's some things:


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If you have fat you want to lose, you're losing fat, your lifts are still going up and you aren't deadly miserable from lack of food then don't change anything, you're golden.

Eventually your lifts will stall, properly. At that point you should reassess, or when you've lost the fat you want to.

OHP is almost always the first to go. One failure is not a stall though

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Paleo isn't necessarily low carb, and IF isn't necessarily low calorie, so don't think if your lifts stall you need to add back in carbs and/or dairy --- you just need to add back in calories. Starting Strength isn't meant to be run on a deficit anyway, so you should be eating at least TDEE for now.  If you want to calorie/macro cycle a la LeanGains while running SS, then I'd probably do recomp ratios, something like -10/+10.

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