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Yup. We're going to go ahead and slow it down a bit this week.


I imagine after three hard weeks of training, you're probably a little sore, a little tired. The muscles ache, including the ones you didn't even know you had. (Turns out they were inside of you all along).


So here's the deal: last week was nothing but flexion. This week, it's nothing but stretching. I will accept foam rolling and such like that, but it's all going to be about how much time you spend doing it.


Five seconds is one point each.


I encourage you to take this week to really listen to your body, and not necessarily try to out-bend everyone else.


RisenPhoenix has stepped up to be the boss this week.


If you got questions, ask 'em. Otherwise, chill on out, monks. Get loose.

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Oh thank god.

A mini to force me to stretch. Oh man I need this. Okay I'm back in the game.

Is there just one stretch pose to hold, or can it be just overall stretch routine?

You think it was picked at random? I'm terrible at stretching. And need to beat you all. So I'll stretch more.

Anything is allowed. Stretch your muscles out! This can include stretching done in classes, too!

I need to tally the stretching I've done today now.

*wanders off to calculate and do more*

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I have a question! I know I'm still technically with the recruits but I feel a little under-challenged (read: bored) :tongue: Could I join you guys for this week's round of stretching? This PvP is awesome :D




How did your name magically appear in the Spreadsheet?


Guess you need to battle with me.




(Awesome job on the sheet, Tezca!)

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YES!  A PvP tha fits with what I'm already doing!


hmmmmm, need to find a calculator.  Feeling golden after already stretching every day.  My quads are also starting to contemplate forgiving me for living.


But damn it, today's yoga was dynamic flow, so minimal holding.  Grrrrrrr.

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