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My Program for the past 3 weeks

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Okay I have been working on the program a while. Mind you I never really stretch with my workouts which I have been told can lead to issues, so yeah.

30 squats

15 push ups

15 knee-push ups

15 full crunches/lifting my legs instead/with my upper body

30 lunges

15 diamond push ups

15 d-p on knees

15 sit ups

15 side kettel rows each side

25 second plank

45 jumping jacks

repeat once more

 I do that every second day 3 times a week.

every day I don't do that I do M-100's because I am still to blubbery to run without getting really winded.

I warm up by running up and down a flight of stairs six times.

<- M-100

I was going to move up to three sets soon and might just amalgamate the knee push ups with the normal push ups.

I don't know if I was going to start move in skipping for my cardio conditioning because I heard running is really hard on the knees.

So yeah, any opinion's are greatly appreciated as well as resources.


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You need more pulling. Your doing 60 pushups and 15 rows per side per circuit. Also I would do some upper body warm up stuff as well like dynamic stretching, arm circles or whatever just to get the blood moving up top.

Otherwise what are your goals with this routine?

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If your losing weight and getting stronger then keep doing what your doing, if your just doing this temporarily then it is fine as is, but in the long term you should try to keep your push/pull ratio fairly close to 1/1 for shoulder health.

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