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I only read the challenge yesterday. I needed that! I've been shorting myself on sleep lately for dumb reasons.

Last night I made an effort to go to bed at a decent hour, 1 a.m. (I'm working late-ish this weekend, so I didn't get home until after 10) I woke up at 9:30. It was MUCH easier to get out of bed than lately. I need to make an effort to go to bed earlier. I might eventually begin to wake up in time to do things before work, more than throw on uniform, find hat, and go.

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I have been falling asleep early every day, then waking up and being up for a couple hours then, sleep the next 4 hours so i've been getting about 8 hrs a night all week

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I turn into a cat over the weekends; I slept so much Saturday night that I made up my sleep debt.

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