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WHO SURVIVED ALL 28 DAYS? Post your grade in here


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Alright chumps, how did you do on this 28-day challenge?

Post your results here, and give yourself a grade (A-F, feel free to use pluses and minuses)


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1) Eliminate all grains from my diet. Overall. B

I failed incredibly hard for the first 2 and a bit weeks of this challenge.

I just finished exams, I was back living with the parents for a couple weeks and my eating just went to absolute shit.

But, I stepped back. Sucked it up and decided I could do it. I've been majority grain free for the past 10 or so days. So yea, a B because I finished strong and I'm going to be maintaining this goal for as long as I can.

2) Run more (Twice Weekly) Overall A-.

As part of my workouts I incorporated a structured warm up which involved a 300m dash as part of a mini circuit.

I've been doing the odd bit of sprint training here and there but I have been deliberately avoiding endurance work as I don't think it gives great benefits.

(I still looked like shit even when I could smash out 5k's with ease)

So yea, A- because although I haven't done as much sprinting as I'd like to I'm out of the house almost every day getting a few quick dashes in.

3) Sleep more. Overall B.

Failed hard over the last week. Was going great before that though.

Being back at Uni (back with my two 24" screens) I always manage to get so distracted that I seem to forget to sleep for some reason.

Overall, I'm reasonably happy with how well I did.

I'm noticing some great improvements in my body and I'll post some pictures when I get to the point I want to be at/self confidence grows a little more.

Oh, on a completely unrelated note.

Been feeling much more confident with the girls lately, even asked a couple out of dates which is a major improvement from my usual loner self. So go me I guess.

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1) Get below 220lbs. A+ Got to 219.6lbs! 19.6lbs to my goal weight.

2) Back exercises twice a day. C Only did them about once a day.

3) 100 pushups nonstop. I I stopped this because I didn't like the look it was giving my arms. So I gave my self an incomplete.

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Get down to 115 and maintain it.

Do 10 Regular Pushups (non girly!) without stopping.

Run my second 5k in 30 minutes.

My weight loss goal totally failed. I really havent lost a pound though I cant say how I did for muscle changing.

I can do 8 regular pushups before I get tired and have to pause. So I think If i got on the floor right now and pushed myself I could keep it up.

As for the 5k I blew that out of the water. 28:02!!

I would say for a total grade I did about a B. Mainly because I am happy with the 2 out of the 3 successes.

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Goal 1: Strict Paleo diet, following the Whole 9's Whole 30 program. A-. I forgot butter was dairy the first 2 days, then was completely successful, but killed it yesterday, intentionally. I had a superamazingfantastic day, enjoyed some beers, and didn't let the rules get in the way.

Goal 2: Advanced Bodyweight Workout, 3x a week. Walk/Jog/Run 5k on the off days. B+. Due to crazy busy work, I only did ABWW 2x a week for the most part, and running got pushed off the table some days, but overall, I think I did very well.

Goal 3: Update this post daily. Effffff.

Overall:B-; I'm not weighting the "update daily" goal very high, because it wasn't fitness/diet, and I've really been slammed all month. I got some serious compliments on how I'm looking yesterday, including some old family friends flat not recognizing me, so I'm calling it a win overall.

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Goal 1: Get down to 90kg (starting at 95kg) C

Got down to 93, so progress but didn't make it to goal.

Goal 2b: Actually complete 3 full circuits of Beginner body-weight circuit B

Have managed to complete the full set of 3 twice now, but as this wasn't the original goal 2 a B is probably fair

Goal 3: Better meal planning: C

Tried several things including different foods for snacks, but finally settled on a more Paleo diet, which seems to be helping. So a C as there have been improvements, but its not yet solid.

So overall I'd say about C+ for reaching goals, but setting them and trying has been a big help.

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This month started off strong, but unfortunately all forward progress was marred by injury. I managed to drop about 3kg though, so I'm please with that. The first 2 weeks I'd have given myself an A+ as I really hit my stride. I'll give myself a B for the rest for not over-doing it with an injury.

3 weeks until the City2Surf 14km and 5 weeks until the 100km trailwalker - bring it on!


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Okay, I guess. I started off well, and then dwindled off after the 2 week mark was up. I'd give myself 45%.


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1. Have decided to do the 100 pushup challenge so that means following the programme. that means by the end of week 4 of this challenge I should be up to a minimum of 20 consecutive pushups. Yes I'm on the low ranking program so 100 is quite a way off, but I reckon I should be able to do more than 20 by the end of 4 weeks. And I now know how to do them properly, and I mean I will be doing them with perfect form, not the half assed way I was doing them when I was at bootcamp

started off well but had to give up at week 2 due to my rotator cuff injury. will give myself a C for effort rather than a fail

2. Go to the gym a minimum of 2 days a week - this seems like it should be easy but I really dont like the gym, but I must try and keep a minimum level of fitness going

hmmm C-, one week never got there at all, has been once a week for the last 2

3. Ensure I have at least 2 alcohol free days a week - again this sounds like it should be easy, but I love my wine!!!

C- first week had 4 booze free days, 1 week with none, other weeks have had only 1

4. Continue to eat as primally as possible, which means no grains, rice and pasta. Given the 80/20 rule, I'll allow some leeway for the odd cheat, but that would be in the region of once a week or something.

mostly good in this area although had one particularly bad day when I ate everything in sight and it was all bad. Mark for this aspect would be B-

Pretty happy overall even with those fairly miserable marks I've given myself. My weight has continued to drop a little, I feel generally healthy apart from the shoulder. I think if I do next challenge I'll make it fitness related goals only. I had considered changing from pushups to squats mid this challenge, but my head just wasnt in it for that.

Off on holiday on Saturday. Yay

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Well, eating and exercising went pretty good. I would say A for food, and B+ for exercising. Unfortunately, I am still smoking like a chimney, so F for that. I did hit my goal weight of 8 pounds, bringing me down to just below 240 (239.6). I would say B-/C+ for this challenge. I don't think this was my best challenge, but I am still making progress, and I am several levels up from where I was last year.

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1. Lose 5 pounds. Not quite. I lost 3 pounds. Better than I've been able to do for the past few months, but not the goal. B-

2. Run an 18-miler. Fail. The longest run I had was a 13-miler. I kind of lost the motivation to run long distances, mostly because of the heat. D

3. Run my 10K in less than an hour. Again, fail. But I ran it in 1.01.57, which is pretty damn close. In fact, if it weren't for those extra 0.2 miles after the first 6 I would have made it. B

4. Find a new research advisor: Win! I'm going to be co-advised. One professor is in my department (materials science and engineering) and one is in physics. I've talked to both of them and they like the idea. I even get to stay on the same project. A+

The failures on the running goals are disappointing, but I just have to shake it off.

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I creamed this challenge! I decided to do percentages, instead of letter grades, because it seems better...I dunno why.

1. Get the right amount of sleep. I missed 2 days out of 28, which equals 92.8%

2. eat 55-65 grams of carbs. I followed my diet extremely well, and as a result I have lost 10lbs. I missed 3 days (where I went over), so that's 89.2%

3. No skipping meals or binge eating. Portion control! I give myself 25.5/28 because one day was a planned brunch, but I should have eaten more when brunch was out other than that, I skipped breakfast one day, lunch the next. In all cases, I did make up the calories I didn't eat at the right time and I didn't binge either. Lastly, the percentage is 91%

My average for this challenge is 91%!! I'm getting the results I want from these goals, and with loads of help from my coaches. I feel great, I've got lots of energy and I've lost 10lbs in this challenge alone! Overall, I've lost 20+ lbs.

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I'm a couple of days late, but as of this morning, I'm too happy to care. I did it! Most of it, anyway.

My goals:

1. Lose 5 pounds.

I wanted to get to 162.6. As of this morning, I was 162.4! I am especially pleased because it's been a crazy few weeks.

2. Run at least two days a week (with bench push-ups along the way), and add some other cardio exercise (hiking, fast walking, playing with kids, etc) at least one other day a week. (If I run too much more, my shins ache.) Do rows, squats, and presses at least two days a week. Stretch/yoga regularly. Be active and play with my kids and dog.

Um, sorta. Guess I need to set more specific goals. I didn't do all this as much as I wanted, and I really need to get back to muscle work, but it wasn't a total disaster.

3. Watch the sweets. Plan meals, especially lunch, to make sure I'm eating healthy. (Lately I've been going overboard with sweets; the warm weather has me craving ice cream.) Aim to make and bring a healthy lunch to work 4 days/week.

I had a few bad moments, but I am doing much better with this. Tonight I took the kids out for ice cream and didn't get any for myself! I had about two bites of my little one's ice cream, but not ordering for myself would have been impossible even a few months ago.

The other part I didn't realize: as over yesterday, I hit 20 pounds lost through Weight Watchers. This is since early January. The loss has been pretty slow, but I am getting into much better eating habits. I've realized that so many of my standard meals have changed. And I don't gobble down nearly as much as I used to.

So, I lost the weight and am on a good path, so I win! (For myself, I mean.)

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I crashed my last week of this challenge so I am a little disappointed in myself.

I will give myself a C since I think I did well the first 3 weeks.

1. Get into the 170's: Unfortunately the scale didn't move as much as I wanted or at all really :(

2. Do some sort of activity every day: Aside from the last week I did get out and do something every day, I would like to blame the heat but that is an excuse and I could have found something to do indoors

3. Track everything I eat: Same deal with tracking food, I did it religiously until that last week. I ate some things I shouldn't have but I didn't completely pig out on anything bad, so it could have been worse.

I am tracking again now and started my exercise program again. Despite my failures and slip ups it is really frustrating that I am so much more active and eating so much better and the scale either moves up or not at all. I try to see results in other places but its hard when how my body feels (better) doesn't line up with how it looks.


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UGh F-

I went really well for the first bit. However, I've been dealing with back pain for a while and that threw off my working out. And because I felt sick, I ate badly. I didn't eat poor food, luckily it was all healthy. However, ensuring it was a lot of protein, ensuring I got my fruit/veggie servings , and a lot of water in, went out the window. I kept in check with my calorie counts, which is good. And I haven't lost a single pound, but 2 inches off my thighs, grr.

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