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Creating Rituals (JMitch)


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Wormwood is quite the little cutie. I can see how he can manipulate with the charm!


Good for you to keep chipping away at the routines and rituals. It's tough sticking with things when the partner's away and schedules are wonky. You'll get there. I often find it takes longer than I expect to make things stick.


Never underestimate the power of a challenge title! :)

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Jym woke to a silent house. She lay in peace for a while, but eventually decided that she felt too well and full of energy to stay in bed. She flopped out of the heavy down comforter, and noticed a lack of pain in her back. Carefully removing the bandages, she found that the bite was fully scabbed over, and looked nearly healed. Her foot still hurt a little, but whatever was in Baba's goop, it really did the job!


Curious, now, about the total lack of noise in the rest of the house, she exited the bedroom. The main room was empty, but there was a piece of paper on the table. Jym hobbled over and picked it up. It was scratched out in the runes used to render Giant-speech, but even so she had a hard time figuring out what it was supposed to say. The impression she got was that Baba had gone out somewhere, and expected chicken for dinner when she returned.


Jym sighed and limped into the kitchen to look for any chickens there might be. Sure enough, there were several in the ice box - already plucked, thankfully. Knowing Baba's appetite, it would be best to cook all of them. Jym turned to the oven, and then realized a problem. It was cold!


"Aw crap, how does this work?" the former princess muttered. She tried to remember if she'd even seen anyone light a stove. The closest thing she could remember was watching her servants light a fire in her bedroom fireplace. They would pile up dried fungus, and then light it with a fire-stick. On special occasions, sometimes they even had real wood. Jym spotted a box holding well-sized sticks of wood next to the oven, so that answered that. She pulled some out, giving herself a splinter in the process, and shoved them into the belly of the stove. A big cloud of ash flew up into her face, and she coughed for a while.


"I'm probably really not doing this right..." she grumbled. Her poor, salt-ravaged, mildewy, shredded tunic was now soot-stained, too. She was going to need new clothes soon.


She tried to pile the sticks in the pattern she remembered her servant using, but it just looked more like a jumbled mess. Hopefully, the shape of the pile wasn't that important. Now... where were the fire-sticks?


A quick search of all the drawers and cabinets of the kitchen turned up nothing. Finally, she spotted a small box on a high shelf. That looks right...


She got the stool from the corner, and carefully climbed up, but the box was still out of reach.


Hmm. Did she do this on purpose?


Jym balanced on the stool and concentrated, hand outstretched. She'd nearly given up when the box finally wiggled its way to the edge of the shelf, and fell off. It flew open on impact, scattering matches everywhere.


"Hmph." The mess was annoying, but Jym was proud of herself. She'd actually done some kind of magic, and it worked!


Several fire-sticks later, she finally got the sticks to light. She shut the oven door and felt a second surge of pride. She was doing things, all by herself!




Getting schedule back to something a little more normal. I'll have to decide on what schedule will seem sustainable while I'm not working, and try hard to stick to that.

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Sorry I haven`t been around this past couple of days, but it looks like you`ve been able to get yourself back on the straight and narrow all on your own.

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It finally feels like fall over here! :D

I mean, kind of. It's still fairly warm, but it's not insanely hot and humid, the way it's been. There's a light breeze blowing, and its touch is cool on the skin.


I always feel energetic and refreshed in the fall. It's the time of year that I make new plans, and it always seems to be the time of big life changes. This year is no different!


Edit, because I am in a silly mood:




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It finally feels like fall over here! :D

I mean, kind of. It's still fairly warm, but it's not insanely hot and humid, the way it's been. There's a light breeze blowing, and its touch is cool on the skin.


I always feel energetic and refreshed in the fall. It's the time of year that I make new plans, and it always seems to be the time of big life changes. This year is no different!


Fall is the best of seasons!

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One day left of the challenge! Let's see where things stand:


1) Turn my Morning Ritual into a habit: D (+1 CON)

I only give myself a D instead of an F because my half-hearted attempt to keep to my morning ritual is the only thing that has prevented my sleep schedule from inverting 100% the way it usually does when I'm unemployed. (I swear, I must be part-bat or something...)

I hopefully won't be unemployed for much longer, but it's actually an opportunity to practice my "ideal" morning ritual, since I won't have to rush or skip anything because of having to get to work. With that in mind, I'm going to try to have one week of doing my Morning Ritual in the between challenges break.


2) Turn my Evening Ritual into a habit: C (+1 WIS, +1 CON)

I haven't been doing this in the time range that I would like (try about 5 hours later than it should be!) but the point is, I'm doing it. Leaving screens a while before bed, doing a quiet activity while gradually reducing the amount of light around me, and being woken by a gentle light in the morning seems to be helping my insomnia quite a lot. I need to have a firm bed time and time that I get off the computer so that my schedule doesn't shift any further, but my evening activities are finally starting to become a habit.


3) No Snacking: I've actually been doing quite well with this since my job finished. No being bored at work where there's a fully-stocked break room helps a lot! I've been tracking my calories and keeping them where I want, and the payoff is that I'm losing weight again. :)

Final grade: A. +2 STA!


4) Build a Capsule Wardrobe for late summer and early fall: I have all the pieces for this, but I need to go through my extra clothes and get rid of stuff. I plan to finish this tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the challenge!


5) Trace back my ancestry as far as I can on each branch: Well, I didn't get every single branch traced out before my trial of ancestry.com ran out. But, I did get a fair amount done, enough to give myself an A for this challenge. +1 WIS!


6) Complete overhaul of my spouse's website: I got it functional, although I still want to make a totally custom theme. Of course, that's more so I can show off my skills than because it's necessary. The point is that the site works again, and can be easily used for the expanded scope of projects we have in mind for it.

Final grade: B (needs a little polish) +1 CHA




Tomorrow I need to finish that capsule wardrobe and write up a final story post. Despite my job ending kind of messing things up, I feel fairly good about how I did for this challenge. I've got some ideas for the next one, but I'd better start turning them into a full challenge post so I can be ready to rock!! :D

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Jym was cleaning Baba's room when the witch came home. She had decided to at least clear out the dishes with half-rotted food on them and do some dusting. She wanted to wash the sheets, too, but honestly, she wan't quite sure how that was done. She knew step one was to gather the dirtied sheets into a bundle, and take them away somewhere. Presumably, water was then involved somehow. It seemed like bad form to take away the sheets and then not be able to replace them, and she couldn't find any spares. So for now, dusting was the best she could do.


There was a series of thumps from the main room, followed by the door slamming. Jym jumped, feeling a little guilty for messing with Baba's things, even though she was allowed to be in the room, and doing something useful for once. Stashing her dust rag behind a book, she peeked out of the bedroom.


Baba was sniffing the air. "What smells burnt?"


"Oh no!" Jym rushed into the kitchen, and pulled the chickens out of the oven. Fortunately, the skins were just beginning to blacken, and nothing was inedible yet. Knowing how things were likely to go, Jym set aside a drumstick for herself, then poked her head out into the main room.


"Dinner's ready. Want me to serve you now?"


Baba was putting her things away, including several bunches of fresh herbs. At the mention of dinner, she stopped what she was doing and sat down at the table.


"Right away! I'm starving!" Despite Baba's perpetually bony appearance, Jym doubted she was actually starving. You would never know it from her eating habits, though. Baba just opened her mouth wider than any little old lady should be able to, and downed each chicken whole. Jym smiled slightly to herself, thinking of the leg she'd saved.


"Yes, go on, fatten yourself up, poppet." Baba smirked at the sudden look of panic on Jym's face. "Speaking of fattening up..." she reached into her herb basket, and pulled out something black and furry.


"I believe this is yours?" It was a small, fuzzy cat with luminescent green eyes. He looked quite scared to be in Baba's hands. He stared soulfully into Jym's eyes, and mouthed a silent 'meow'.


"Wormwood??" Jym was startled to realize that it was the same little animal that had visited her on her first day on the Surface, while she was hiding in a cave. "I'm not sure if you could call him mine. He's just an animal that I met earlier."


"You named him, didn't you?" Baba pushed the cat into Jym's arms. He was quite skinny, like he hadn't eaten since Jym had encountered him. He had a bloodied gash on his forehead.


"Take care of him. Maybe he can help you with your magic practice."


"Oh! I was able to do some magic earlier," Jym proclaimed proudly, carefully setting the cat on the floor.


"Let's see it."


Jym got the box of matches, and tried very hard to get them to move across the table. Finally, they budged, just an inch or so. Baba was not impressed.


"Work on it," was all she said.

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From what I read, you started building up your habits!  On weekends, I become pretty damn nightowl (doesn't help that my hubs stays up late too) so I understand!  Looks like though you're doing good with trying to make the rituals your own and also did pretty awesome on the ancestry and revamping your husbands' website!  Awesome!  :D

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