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I saw a schooner and I'm now replying without reading the rest, but what's she called?

My brother is in the midst of the Tall Ships Race at the moment on an old Brixham trawler called Leader.  :D

She is the Tres Hombres. You can read all about her here. :)



Good luck with all your goals, they seem well-structured. I'm a bit of a boat enthusiast myself (mini models though) so what you're trying to do has me pretty excited. Best of luck  :)


I shall take plenty of pictures and sketches for everyone to see. ^^ 

Following another yogi! Also, I love that you have a drawing challenge, that's pretty awesome (also, I like your avatar drawing).


Thank you! :) 

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Enjoy your sailing experience! I hope to hear all about it when you get back on your thread. I also second seeing your perspective drawings because I love seeing art skills! Also, please let the Serenity Crew know what we can do to help you out!





Thaks Jess! I though I already had? Ah, anyways I was going to check in again before I left, so I'll do that then. :D

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Alright, Week 0 is coming to an end, so time for a recap:


First of all, thanks to everyone who checked in for the comments and the encouragement! It really is heartwarming to see there are people actually interested in what I am doodling. It makes me more motivated to up my game and produce content that will actually interest you. A fair warning though, this week will be very basic drills, but I promise to produce something more interesting over the course of my journey and once i am back. ^^


Anyhow, here it goes: 


Week 0 – Recap




I need a camera.



Very quick sketch because it's midnight and I barely finished cleaning and preparing stuff for tomorrow.


So, this week was quite satisfying, in fact. I slacked off a bit on eating and gained one kg, but it doesn't bother me too much as I was previously losing weight quite rapidly unintentionally. What does frustrate me a bit is that I am falling back into my snacking habits, which I don't want to pick up again as they have always been the reason behind my weight gain. Ah well, I will have to get that back in check once I come back. Workouts went well and so did running, in fact it gets easier and more fun every day. Yoga also went well though I haven't been doing it as assiduously as I did last challenge, but at least it's still a daily practice.


The highlight of the week however has been drawing. I am finally starting to enjoy it again and slowly creeping back to my old speed, while noticing differences and small progress. Possibly the greatest learning points are the parallels I am starting to see between drawing and exercise. This may be my most fruitful experience yet.

Tomorrow I am leaving for the sailing trip – I know I said I'd write an update on that, but I honestly haven't managed to get around to it. I will see if I manage to quickly pop in before leaving, otherwise it will have to wait until I am back. At any rate, I won't be around the forums until at least the 10th, possibly later. Depending on the wind.


goals broken down


Quest 1: Building Strength

goal: Work out min. 3x a week and logging my progression


fulfilled: yes

logs – under spoiler

evaluation: progress being made, however, no real point in planning for next week as I will be one for 14 days. Hoping there will be some. Experiment with 


Workout: 21.07.2015 - Tuesday


Prisoner Squats: 15 – 15 – 15*

Knee Push-Ups: 6 – 6 – 6

Lunges: ? – 12/12 – 12/12

Dumbell Rows: 8 x 10kg – 7 x 10kg – 7x10kg

Plank: 55s – 55s – 55s


Notes: Sloppy form on last set of squats.


Workout: 23.07.2015 - Thursday


Squats: 15 PS – 15 PS –15 NS

Knee Push-Ups: 7 – 7 – 6

Lunges: 12/12 – 12/12 – 12/12

Dumbell Rows: 8 x 10kg – 8 x 10kg – 8x10kg

Superman: ???


Workout: 25.07.2015 - Saturday


Prisoner Squats: 20 – 20 – 20

Knee Push-Ups: 8 – 7 – 7

Lunges: 15/15 – 15/15 – 15/15

Dumbell Rows: 9 x 10kg – 8 x 10kg – 8x10kg

Plank: 58s – 55s – 55s


If you are wondering what is up with the numbers next to the squats, it's because I have not upped my squats since I started working out, so I was experimenting a bit this week.


Quest 2: Building Stamina

goal: Run at least 2x a week


fulfilled: yes

stats: an 3x, Week 7 C25K completed.

Quest 3: Building Flexibility

goal: do deep release for hips, hamstring and lower back at least 1x a week (grade A for 3x a week)


fulfilled: yes

stats: routine done 2x + 1h substituted with Yin Yoga due to suspicious lower back pain


Life Quest: Building Perspective

goal: do at least one set of perspective drills


fulfilled: yes

stats: 2 sets of angle-measuring drills (first set in introductory post); one object drawing, one coloured drawing. 

evaluation: Results of drills were sub-par, repeat next week. Once that is done, apply to 3 object drawings (lineart only). Tried something different with the object drawing, but not too satisfied with the result, if done again, ink lineart rather than colouring over it. Overall, not my best results.








sailing shoes:






Bonus: Unofficial Mini Challenge completed minus Mountain Climbers


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Seems you're doing great. I'd love to go sailing too. It can be so exciting. (Unless everyone else gets seasick. I had a little trauma there. 60% of the people traveling with us, it was a nightmare. :D) I hope you'll have an amazing time. :)


Also those sailing shoes look fancy. Can't wait to see what you come up with. (Finding something to draw sometimes seems harder to me than the actual drawing bit...) 



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I'm commenting now, so when you get back from your trip, your new posts will show up under my content and I can follow your progress in Adventures in Yoga.


Enjoy your trip.

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Sailing, art and yoga - are you sure we're not related? :P

Love what you did on week 0, and hopefully you're having a great week now as well!

Take care:)

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Hello hello! I am back, although I haven't quite made the transition back to real life, not mentally at least. I am also not quite unscathed I am afraid.


Sailing was absolutely wonderful – a longer post is coming up on that to clarify what exactly I was doing. The crew we worked with was fantastic and in general it was a bunch of very interesting people we had the pleasure of spending the last two weeks with. If it wasn't so bloody expensive, this could become a regular appointment for me.


So just to give a bit of a summary – as predicted, I haven't really kept up with my fitness goals for two major reasons – 1) I was hauling ropes all day long anyhow, 2) you can't really run on a rope. I did manage to get in some yoga practice here and there, though, which actually complemented the experience quite nicely. The setting is also very relaxing with the wind and noise of the sea and all that…


Drawing is the one thing that did not go as well as I thought it would, I do have some very small and quick sketches I can gladly share, though. So that is something I will have to make up for over the next three days. I will be focussing on some perspective drills similar to those from week 0, and ideally I'd like to do an object/perspective drawings (probably a stack of books).


That said, I did manage to slam my foot against the anchor chain during a manoeuvre at the end of the trip, meaning that now I may or may not have a broken toe. Regardless, I am left experimenting with what exactly I still can do in terms of workout and at least four weeks on crutches. Needless to say, finishing the C25K programme is no longer an option. I have however checked what is available in my town and will be checking out the local swimming pool tomorrow.


I have already experimented with my bodyweight workout, and have drawn up some modifications already, I will draw up a final modified plan tomorrow.


At any rate, here are my stats post-trip compared to before the trips.:



Workout: 12.08.2015 - Wednesday


Prisoner Squats: 20 – 20 – 20

– maintained, perhaps even gained a bit of strength. I admit I did not go to failure with these as I was still a bit wary of what kind of stress I could put on my foot.

Knee Push-Ups: 5 – 5 – 5

– lost quite a bit, though may be due to walking on crutches all day.

Dumbell Rows: 10 x 10kg – 10 x 10kg – 10 x 10kg

- improved (no surprises here)


Not doing these anymore because of toes. A bit relieved, I always hated these.


Plank: 50s – 50s – 50s 

- lost a bit. surprisingly, does not seem to stress my toe. will probably modify these to L-sit progression regardless to be on the safe side.



So, that's what's been going on in my past two weeks. I will do my best to catch up will all the fellow nerds I am following over the next few days... I was greeted by a total of 900 notifications on my day back, so I am rather scared. D:

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