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Sounds like you had a great time, except the toe :( I hope it's not broken but definitely go for swimming over running anyway. Foot problems can take ages to clear if you don't give enough rest.

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Glad to hear you had a good time and are already planning around the toe-accident. I guess I'd be like "oh no, my toe is broken, looks like I can't work out now" but it seems like you won't have any of that - that's awesome! Yoga on a ship sound absolutely amazing :) What's the local swimming pool like? Do you think it's a good alternative? Keep it up and I hope you heal fast :)

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As promised, here is the very, very long recap. Apologies for not being able to catch up yet, we ended up spending the weekend with my boyfriend's parents and did not have much time left over. I promise that will come, though. :)


Anyhow, here it goes:


Week 1, 2 & Week 3 Recap


Week 1 & 2 – Sailing the Tres Hombres


As mentioned in my introductory post and a couple times again around the forums, I spent Week 1 & 2 of this challenge sailing the Baltic and the North Sea on the Tres Hombres. This was a unique and fantastic experience I would gladly repeat again. Maybe I might, although it seems unlikely given my plans for next year and the fact that this is probably the last year the Tres Hombres will sail in Europe, in favour of doing more transatlantic trade.


Because indeed, what I haven't really mentioned is that the Tres Hombres in not a cruise ship, but a cargo ship that does trade using only sail power.


So first of all, especially fellow nerds living in Europe, if you have never heard of the Tres Hombres, go here right now, you are missing out on something: http://fairtransport.eu/ships/tres-hombres/ 


The website will explain it a lot better than me and for those interested the best route is really to just contact the company – there are plenty of passionate people involved in this capable of talking about their original vision for days, with an excitement that really is infectious, but basically the Tres Hombres was born out of a dream of bringing cargo transport back to sail. The reason behind this is that the environmental impact of shipping as currently done is tremendous, due to different factors such as the fuel used, the way ships are built and disposed, etc. etc.


Shameless plug aside, the real reason I am explaining this is so you get an idea of what it really means to board the Tres Hombres – the ship is beautiful, but at the same time, it really is a cargo ship where every inch of space is used as efficiently as possible. The ship also has no engine which means you're completely at the mercy of the winds, and everything on the ship is done by the crew and trainees (aka us). So you spend your days oiling, tarring, climbing up masts, hauling and easing ropes while trying to stay out of the way of much larger tankers and cruise ships.

To get an even better idea, these videos were shot two days after we left. The dinghy used to ease the ship and the occasional towing into ports is as much engine power that ship will use. http://fairtransport.eu/project/video-tres-hombres-leavin-texel-2015-by-saskia-poelman/


So, to sum up, it was wonderful. I would definitely do it again and if I hadn't stubbed my tow I would probably still be on that ship with the rest of the crew.

For those interested in the physical impact of the trip:


My hands got inflamed and covered in a callous layer after the first week, which is however already fading away. Gained pulling power and probably some leg strength. Lost 1kg/2lbs. Lost a bit of pushing power. Spent most of the trip covered in bruises without a clue of where they were coming from. 


For those interested in the mental impact:

Learned tons about seafaring. Realised a bunch of things about the ocean I don't really think anyone realises – for instance exactly how many cruise ships there are and how ridiculous huge they are and how much traffic there is on the sea. Also, how many freaking windmill farms there are in the north of Europe. Some other things about our relationships with food and luxury I will keep for another time.


TL;DR Spent two weeks on a traditionally-rigged ship with no engine. Lost weight, gained pulling power. Have very different view of the ocean now.


Week 3 – Coming Back


We got back home on Wednesday, the 12th and it has been very hard getting back to day to day life. Things like spending the weekend at my boyfriend's parents' place and catching the flu also haven't helped, so I was only able to squeeze in two workouts last week and one proper yoga stretch session. I did not manage to draw at all last week, which I plan to make up for this week by doing two perspective sessions instead. Drawing is one thing i can do that with, as long as it does not become a habit.

As I mentioned in my last post, I injured my toe while sailing, so running is now out of the question. I can do planks and did not want to take them out of my workout completely, but I am a bit wary of doing them repeatedly, so I also decided to bring some modification to my bodyweight workout.


I've looked around a bit on starting programs for swimming (since I have never done this as a sport other than that one time in high school), and this is what I came up with, based on suggestions from different websites:


Quest 2: Building Stamina (+3 STA/ +2 CON)

I will do 10 swim sessions over the next 3 weeks. I will then figure out what my goals are for the last week.

Grading: A – 10 sessions B – 7 sessions C - 5 sessions


As for the bodyweight workout, this is what it now looks like, with stats for my first try on Friday:



I have leaned this modified workout on the Reddit workout:


5 min. Mobility Warm-Up


Bodyline drills:

Plank 60s

Inverted Plank 60s

Side Plank  skipped until healed from injury

Hollow Hold 40s ??

Arch Hold (easy variation) 60s




Bulgarian Squats: 5 - 5 - 5

Knee Push-Ups: 6 - 5 - 5

Dumbell Rows: 11 x 10kg – 10 x 10kg – 10 x 10kg 

Foot-supported L-Sit: 20s - 15s - 15s


15 min yoga cooldown/stretch



That's all for this week really. I did one Yin Yoga session and finally added a grading system and progress to my front post. Other than that it was all a very fuzzy week.

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Sounds awesome, though I'm a teensy bit scared at the enormousness (and enormity) of the sea...

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I. Am . Still. So. Jealous.

 - of your trip, that is :)

Hoping operation swimming is going well!

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