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Pat G

Pat G's battle log. Hammer Bros workout.

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All thanks to you Lachy mate. I knew I couldn't match your squat so I had to come up with something else. TBH my ego reared it ugly head head and caused me to shoot for more than I safely should have. Suffered the consequences the next day. Out of my depth when it comes to that kind of training or testing.

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I don't want to abandon this thread during this challenge.

For the next couple of weeks, my lunch breaks have been cut down, so i'm only getting about 40 mins in for training during the day.


-5 mins rowing at 33rpm

Bros hogging the squat rack, no heavy squatting, whatever i could get up to my shoulders is what i squatted yesterday

Front Squats: 10@60kg, 5@80kg, 5@80kg, 5x80kg

Clean practice, bar from hang approx 20x, bar from shoulders drop down to hang around 20x

Clean attempts: 3x5x40kg

Bent Rows




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Good on you for trying those cleans! It's something I've been wanting to try, as well as other dynamic/olymic lifts. Considering getting some training sessions at gym dedicated to those things, but I'm affraid I'll love that gym so much that I'll have to always train there. And there are none that are conviniently located :(

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Sprint Training last night Thurs 03 May

Location: Football field near my house

warmup: 400m walk/jog

5x100m 60% sprints

6x40m 80% sprints(? whats the width of a standard field? 40m?)

Warm down, 400m jog back home.

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say whaaaa?! ok i gotta go catch up on what the heck is goin on around here. That's almost 10,000 pounds! Wowza!

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Saturday Sprints:

Short side of the field x8 @70% with 100m walks inbetween

400m jog.

Mon Evening

3x15x55kg bench

Tues 08 May

in Lieu of a real workout on monday

Warmup 10x 40kg back squats

hang clean practice 20x bar

Clean practice 5x bar. 5X30KG


@102.5kg: 5, 4, 4


@60kg: 5, 4, 3,


@100kg: 5

@120kg: 5

@130kg: 5

Edited by Pat G

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Jealous of your OHP and Bench! Good work mate, keep it up! Does any one else in your gym attempt cleans? Or other similar dynamic lifts? I'm sure I'd look a bit odd trying them in my gyms. As it is, I've really only even seen one other person do front squats.

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Lachy. I hardly see anyone near the squat rack or oly barbells except to do shrugs and the occasional half squat. I've seen one guy doing fake cleans, overhand curling the bar up for a press and back down again.

There are maybe 2 other guys i've seen who do the same kind of training i do with the same kind of form.

haha, i just realised i cleared that bench and OHP wall i'd been stuck at. yeah!

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Monday 14 May 2012

Title: A mediocre day at the gym.

Warmup: 10 cleans@20kgs

10 front squats @20kgs


@50: 5

@102.5: 5, 5, 3, 2

I hadn't noted it before, but there is a big difference in the way my muscles engage on a 100kg squat vs a 20kg or 50kg squat.

Came off each set with black spots.


@40: 5

@60: 5, 5, 5, 3, 2

Form good, just not the staying power, if i held my breath through the entire set i could smash them out. breathing inbetween reps was necessary but not successful. Black spots again

Barbell Row:

@40kg: 10

@60kg: 5, 5, 5,


@40kg: 5, 5

@50kg: 5

black spots. squat down.

shower time.

perhaps what i'm eating:

- Breakfast @6am: 4 poached eggs, 3 slices white toast w/butter + coffee

Snacks: Starburst jelly babies, apple, banana, grapes, green tea.

Water: 700ml


Lunch: Steak, cheese, pancakes, pineapple, milk.

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What does "black spots" refer to? Not hitting the intended reps? Or is it something you're experiencing, like spots before the eyes?

Don't get down about that OHP, thats a very respectible weight! Squats are kicking my ass at the moment too, we'll turn the tables on that lift soon though!

I note a difference between sub 100KG squats and my working loads too. I think on the light loads you can move the weight almost anyway you like because all muscles have the required strength, but when you load up, you need to engage the right muscles, you need to focus, or that weight won't move, and your body subconciously alters the movement and the muscles engaging.

Your diet seems pretty good to me, looks like you're eating plenty. Maybe throw some veggies in with lunch, and reduce the sugar a bit (lots of fruit in there), but it seems you're eating more than me. Any protein powder/shakes?

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Gun reply.

No special meaning there, just some black spots on the eyes,combined with general dizziness and the need to squat/sit down to regain proper bloodflow to my head.

I only take the shakes every now and then. Today none. Yesterday i had one with lunch. Probably have one for dinner considering how knackered i feel.


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pushups at lunchtime: 100

Pushups before dinner: 86 normal, 8 clap, 6 with child on back

THURS 17 MAY: makeup training session due to Wednesdays no show.


2 mins keeping 500m split above 2:30m then 1 min keeping 500m split at 1:30

4 rounds total 12 minutes.


Romanian Deadlifts

@60kg: 10

@80kg: 10, 10, 10

Front Squat

@80kg: 5, 5, 5

Barbell Rows

@60kg: 8, 8, 8

Bodyweight rows: 8, 8, 8

Plank 2 mins

in hindsight, what happened to 5x5??? *shrugs*. Tomorrow.

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