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Mini #1


Thinking deep.
This week's mini is about meditation.  There's going to be some extra physical stuff this challenge so to compensate, this week is based on chilling out.  More often than not, people are full of gung-ho at the start of the challenge and fizzle out so let's think about this a bit.
Try to get a few minutes a day (few= more than 1 by a bunch) thinking about what you want to want to do, why you want to do it, and make sure that your plan is solid.  What can you do to stem the possible fizzle later in the challenge? Anything you want to try and focus on mid-challenge to help yourself out?  Do you normally fade out of challenges? Why?  Why not?  A few moments to keep yourself cool, calm, and collective.  Be like Fonzy.  CMON YOLANDA, WHAT'S FONZY LIKE!?
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While we all still have that fresh new challenge smell on us; it would be a good time to tackle some bigger game.  This week's mini is about being brave and facing something that you don't want to face. It could be going somewhere new, trying something new, experimenting with something, deciding to tackle a project that has been put off. Anything.  If there's something that's been held off for a while or something that elicits a sort of fear; then be brave this week and face it.





There is plenty of leeway here.  I tend to read people's comments and they think that their option isn't 'enough' when doing something with this mini being the topic.  Use your judgement and don't compare yourselves to others. Those of you that known me will know that I'm going to be brave and do something that I've been waiting to do for over 6 months.


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Leapin Lizards! It's week 3!

This week's mini is about leaping.  Err... not like 'of faith' or 'off a cliff'.  More like jumping jacks.  There's two possible options here.  1) Either this week add jumping jacks into your workouts or 2) Add burpees (minus the pushup) to your workouts.  Seems easy enough, right? ( I mean, if you wanna do full burpees then be my guest but you don't have to.)
+1 Stamina for jumping to it.
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The challenge is past the halfway mark and by now, people are starting to wane.  Generally, after 2 weeks people will not go on as much.  People run out of enthusiasm.




This week's mini is a moral boost.  Check up and post on three random Adventurer's threads. Easy peasy.



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This week's mini is from:












And it is as follows (with heavy edits):


'Dining Hall'



This week, post any new recipes that are paleo that you stumbled along or tried recently.  If you haven't made anything new recently, then make something!  Also, if it turns out to be a disaster; put that down too - maybe some fellow culinary masters can tweak it for someone's next attempt. ;)


Also, why does this recipe fit your diet?  We all have different macros, calories, and are following different systems (some of us avoid white rice, others brown, others ALL rice, etc.)


Get inspired with some fine dining.




(I don't know what +stat they wanted to give.  I figure since this is learning new things; it can count towards +1 Wisdom.)

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Final week Wrap up.


Yes, I make stupid jokes sometimes...  Surely it's a mini so I should be serious.
Anyways.  I'm trying to end this challenge strong, after the start of it was a load of hot garbage.  From the lovely T2:
Push yourself to the limit and set a goal of additional BW exercise for this week. Do an extra 50 squats each day, or 200 push ups by the end of the week. Really challenge yourself to build some muscle. What can you do? List your goal here and give a midweek update and a final tally here and reward yourself with +1 strength.
This varies from person to person.  For me, I'm getting back into the groove with walking and pushups; so my 'boost' this week is going to try and knock another set of pushups out each day.  What's your boost?
Ok, I'll stop.
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Can we get this pinned oh fearless leader :P

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RES...and I want to live days worth dying for...

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Growth happens when you care more about the well being of your future self than the comfort of your present self!

"Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." -Yoda


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Was called from the comp before I could. All fixed.

Thank you :) you know someone had to harass you though

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RES...and I want to live days worth dying for...

Current: RES: CUTE 2021 Part II


Growth happens when you care more about the well being of your future self than the comfort of your present self!

"Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." -Yoda


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I did all of ONE mini last time. Maybe I'll hit two this challenge. Maybe.

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Love the idea. I am in! 



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Oooh sweet, a meditation challenge!  I spent a few minutes (ok, just one minute) meditating at the end of my yoga session this morning.  Going to try to keep this mini in mind on my morning walks and during yoga.  Could always use more motivation and self reflection, especially at the start of a challenge.

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I like the idea of a meditation challenge (not something I would necessarily have done on my own, but great value in this). I will meditate on my lunch breaks and shoot for a minimum of 5 minutes of thoughtful quiet time each day this week.

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Fantastic! I actually made meditation a part of my 6WC, but it won't hurt to add a bit more every day. I'll complete this mini in the morning to guide my day toward progress and reflect in the evenings for my 6WC quest =]

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