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Library (Useful Info and some FAQs)


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Library - all your librarial needs. If that's a word...


*If any links are not up to date, then tell me and I'll fix them*


Welcome all, heroes of the Rebellion!


The Adventurers is a guild based on getting their bearings and finding their passions; as well as those that are a mix of varying interests.


If this is your FIRST time here, you should be hanging out in the Level 1 group to get the basics:



Here's the general NerdFitness chat rules for all of the forums:

Forum Rules


Here's how to private message and follow people's threads (crucial when joining accountability groups):

PM and Follow


If you've been here before, you know how to set up your goals. Remember to make sure they are S.M.A.R.T. goals!

Making S.M.A.R.T. Goals


You can't just fight the Final Boss on day 1, nor can you go up and have the big fight with the main villain before you have a training montage. That's what your 6-week challenge is: building your montage.


Setting up your 6-Week challenge is easy:


-Make sure you sign up here once you've made a thread:

Sign Up Sheet - Click ME!


This helps the moderators keep track of rough numbers per guild and that lets us keep optimal butt-kickery.  You want optimal butt-kickery, right?


-Have a Life Quest/Main Goal that you want. Ex: Lose XX Pounds  or Drop to x% bodyfat


-Have 3 Goals that will help you achieve the Life Quest/Main Goal.  Ex: 1)Eat Paleo 2)Walking 3x a week 3)Meditate to stay positive


-Optional: Have a *bonus* 4th Goal that is not fitness-related. Maybe you'd like to sew more? Learn a language? Spend more time with family?  Pay off some debt? This is a place where you want to build good, solid, life-habits, and there's more to life than working out.  We want you to be the best version of yourself.


-Keep in mind, that 3 is SUGGESTED.  It's not mandatory. Whatever you feel is a comfortable amount of goals to work on is your decision. Generally people pick 3 because that lends itself to a food-based goal, an exercise goal, and something else; but you may want to not split up your focus as much.


-Have a way to grade these. It could be every day if you did it or not, or maybe an A, B, C, D for the week and average them? Up to you!  You have the power here.


-Make sure your NAME IS IN THE TITLE of your thread.


-Write what your motivation is for sticking with your 6-week challenge. Is it to enjoy life with your kids? Is it to finally get off of a certain medicine?  Is it to look good nude?  Keeping it in mind will help stick to your guns when you have bad days.


-Don't feel like you're 'locked in' to stick with those goals. Maybe a relative passes, maybe you get injured, or maybe your original idea of walking every morning was thrown a curve ball and you can't do it.  Keep in mind that you can tweak your goals after a couple weeks if it feels like it's not working.  Just don't get stuck into always wanting to try something new. That can be self-defeating since you're trying to build long-term habits; not 'flavor of the month' sporadic ideas. Remember: slow and boring can be good. Adjust accordingly.




If you want to join a group of buddies, you can do so here:




Optional Roleplaying for your character here at NF:

What Class Are You? Quiz


Though a bit dated, this link determines your class and which guild you seem to be most fitting into.  It also shows you what stat points are and what goals would be attributed to stat points. For example, you might want to increase your squat lifting weight and that will be a goal of yours. That would fall under getting points for 'Strength'.  How many points you allocate per goal is up to you, but keep in mind you can get up to 15 per challenge.  Again, this is totally optional.


There are mini-challenges that are posted each week here:



These can net you an extra bonus point. These are entirely optional as well, so don't get discouraged if you perhaps can't do one or feel overwhelmed.


Progress Bars:

Click the "Special BBCode" button to the left of Font.  Select Progress Bar from the drop-down list. Enter the desired color and percentage in their respective fields.


Alternatively, typing out the code in the following structure gives the progress bar in my signature (omit the asterisks): [*progress=red]10[/*progress].



Maybe you want to write a list, or play a game where you don't want an answer revealed.  To add spoilers-



"  followed by the closing tag with one of these "/"





GOMAD http://stronglifts.c...on-gain-weight/

PaleOMG - Lots of paleo recipes http://paleomg.com/

The NF Paleo/Primal Forums http://rebellion.ner...84-paleoprimal/



Chin-Up/Pull-Up http://www.nerdfitne...5/do-a-pull-up/

Bodyweight Workouts  http://www.nerdfitness.com/workouts/

Exercise Tutorials http://www.nerdfitne.../how-to-videos/

Couch-to-5k  http://www.c25k.com/

Strength Training Basics http://www.nerdfitne...h-training-101/

Starting Strength Basics http://startingstren...i/FAQ:The_Lifts

StrongLifts Simple Workout http://stronglifts.com/5x5/

NF Strength Plan http://www.nerdfitness.com/store/ (Buying supports this site!)

Swimming Program http://ruthkazez.com...eroTo1mile.html

Yoga Program Info http://www.doyogawithme.com/


Guild Leaders:

Do you have a problem to report on the forums? Maybe you need some more 1 on 1 advice? Feel overwhelmed?  I'm here to help.  Clicking will bring you to the member page and you can send a Private Message from there.



Guild Leader:



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