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Aloha and welcome to my first challenge within the assassins guild!

I’m continuing the theme from my last challenge, because I love to swim and I love mermaids.In my last challenge I focused on swimming more, slimming down, and "transitioned" from human to mermaid. For this challenge, I want to have fun with my workouts, get really pumped to go and hit the gym or pool. I want to see an improvement in my abilities not just physical appearance. I also want to improve myself intellectually and gain skills that’ll benefit my hobbies and career (cosplay and modeling). So this challenge is something I’m really looking forward to start and something I’m excited to finish.

Changes from the last challenge:

  • Handwritten Battle Log. I can better track my meals, workouts, and progress if I write it down physically.
  • Multiple choices. I now have many choices for exercise instead of one to keep myself motivated.
  • Point system. For my life quests I’ve added a point system to make it easier to track and grade.


Main Quest: How to Mermaid


Transitioning from human to mermaid means I got some learning to do. In six weeks I want to be able to swim like a mermaid. I want to be able to expand my air capacity and be able to perform proper dolphin kicks (how professional mermaids use their tails) by the end of this challenge. 


First Lesson: Adjust to new Fins [sTR +3, STA +2]


I need to learn how to use my new body parts so I don’t drown. Last challenge I focused on swimming more, not really anything to work on. This challenge I plan on being able to execute daily and weekly drills to learn proper dolphin kick form. I also plan on working on pull-ups, abdominal exercises, and yoga. To complete this quest I need to do something (Dolphin kick drills, yoga, bodyweight exercises, dancing, etc.) 4 days out of the week. Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun is the schedule I'm shooting for.

Second Lesson: Breath Water [sTA +1]


Mermaids can can gain oxygen from either air or water. I plan on diving again with my husband so improving my breathing will be great. I will do breathing exercises at least once a day, preferably twice a day. This is to improve my air control and air capacity.

Third Lesson: Aquatic Cuisine [CON +3]


Living in the ocean and swimming all day requires a lot of energy and nutrients. Every morning during breakfast I will take my biotin, multi-vitamins, and fish oil. This is mainly to get me in the habit of taking my supplements more often than I already do. I want to look and feel healthy, and learning to take my supplements along with good food should do the trick.

Fourth Lesson: War Paint [CHA +3]


Mermaids while sometimes nice can also be deadly, deceiving sailors to their doom with their beauty and sweet songs. As a model I need to take care of my skin and have good makeup knowledge. I will exfoliate twice a week (up to 2 shells), wear a face/hair mask once a week (up to two shells), and I will practice my makeup technique and post one picture a week along with my weekly progress photos (1 Shell). To be honest, while I love modeling and cosplaying natural make-up and skin care routine are real chores for me and quite boring, so making it a habit and getting practice seems like the best way to make progress.

Final Lesson: Learn another language [WIS +3]


Mermaids speak differently than humans, hence I need to learn the language. My lesson plan:

  • 1 Japanese Lesson/ week [7 points]
  • 10 vocab words/ day [up to 14 points]
  • Review at least once a day [up to 14 points]

For a total of 35 points a week. I love learning, especially languages, but I’m not a good self-study type person, so I’m hoping adding it as one of my quests will encourage me to work harder on my studies.



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Stat allocation and grading

Lesson 1: STR 3 & STA 2
A - 24 days B - 18-23 days C - 12-17 days D - 6-11 F - 5 days or less 

Lesson 2: STA 1
Lesson 3: CON 3
A - 42 days B - 31-41 days C - 21-30 days D - 10-20 days F - 9 days or less

Life Quests:
Lesson 4: CHA 3
A - 30 shells B - 22-29 shells C - 15-21 shells D - 7-14 shells F - 6 or less shells

Final lesson: WIS 3
A - 210 pts B - 157.5-205 pts C - 105-157 pts D - 52.5-100 pts F - <52 pts

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Hey, I have a handwritten battle log, too! Due to my disability, I have really bad memory and I often forget key things, so it's easier for me to track how I'm feeling throughout the day, exactly what exercises I did, and it's an easy way to keep all health-related things in one place on my person at all/most times. :)





This gif makes me cackle. (Seriously though, I go to an aquarium and all I can think is, "That looks so delicious." #1 reason vegetarianism isn't for me! :lol:)


Best of luck in this challenge! ;) I'll be following along~

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Thanks blkhole!


I love that gif too, I'm trying to find the video. Yes handwritten note like that always seemed like a good idea, but I didn't realize how much until I was at the gym and I'm like "how many did I do the last set?" "Is this my third or fourth set?". I'm hoping with a handwritten one I'll be able to make even better progress!

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Thanks DJTrippy for the recommendation and the sub!!! It looks like a good read. I LOVE science books like these and I was looking into getting into freediving, so this is perfect! Hopefully I can get it with my next paycheck!


Week 1 Class Schedule:

SUN: 45-60 min LISS cardio and Yoga for swimmers

MON: Dolphin kick (DK) drill #1 and beginners parkour workout (BPW)


WED: DK drill #1 and BPW


FRI: DK drill #2 and BPW


Lesson Materials:

Weekly War Paint Project




So hopefully this will be my schedule for this upcoming week, as long as nothing goes horribly and terribly wrong. I'm so excited to start! Even on the boring make-up stuff!

Meanwhile my fridge is stocked with some high quality fuel my husband is on board to nag me, the weather is less rainy, and my battle log is set up and ready go. I'm sooooooooo looking forward to tomorrow!


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Here's to all your success!!




If you want, I can help you out with your battlelog...I do mine as a spreadsheet that I print out and fill out as I go...but you already knew that, didn't you? LOL!!


Actually, I modeled my Battle Log and point system after yours Bast. And it's helped me out a lot. Especially having more than one option for exercises. Mine is just in a notebook because I love notebooks. I have life fifty lying around the house all for different things: future plans, ideas, blurbs, doodles, Japanese study, etc. Seeing your D&D binder, your FlyLady Binder, and your Battle Log really got me into making a system too. Thank you!!!



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Midweek Update


So far this challenge has been running smoothly! I've been keeping up with all my quests and have even made tangible progress! I can hold my breath up to 45 seconds now. I've increased the reps in my box jumps and step jumps. I know it's only week one, but I'm very happy with my progress! It just motivates me to do more!


While I missed a swim today, I still did my bodyweight workouts and I'll just swim for longer on Friday. Meanwhile Wednesday is a good time to focus on my war paint lessons. 





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Alright, due to a surprise vacation, I'm a bit off track. Recap; My first week went great, but I lost track a bit during Saturday due to the surprise vacation. Week 2 has started off....well not great. But I can easily dive back into the current. (ahhhhh my stupid jokes). I've ran out of fish oil supplement, however I won't let it count against me since I'm taking the other two.


But the beginning of week two I didn't take supplements or practice my Japanese. Therefore I will count it against myself since, honestly, I was being lazy. As for my workouts, I'll be doing something to help the nerdship today, and get back to my program.


I'll update again this Saturday.  


Oh and i forgot to post this last week!




I recently bought some new products so I'm hoping future attempts will be an improvement.

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I am more of a puller when I swim, so my speed suffers when I do not kick as often as I should -- except in butterfly.

Do you remember any of your yoga poses that target your leg strength?


I haven't done much with leg yoga (and have not tried my Leg yoga video yet), but it seems it's more about stretching and aminting flexibility in those muscles than building strength.


If your looking to build strength I would recommend things like box jumps and swimming with a kickboard. Also using weights while doing leg presses can help build strength as well. My biggest problem with swimming is breath control and form. I just had my husband spot me in the pool today, only to find out my form isn't where I want it to be. :(



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 W E E K  2  U P D A T E 

Lesson One


Honesty hour: I've only worked out two days this week. But I'm making it up during week three. I'm up to drill #3 on my dolphin kicks and have been able to clear 3-step jumps successfully. Opening my eyes in the water is no longer an issue and my breathing control is much better. However my endurance and my form are not where I want them to be. I'm hoping I'll see more improvement in the future.


Lesson Two


I'm more than proud to announce that I can hold my breath with minimal struggle up to 1 min and 2 sec!! That's a huge improvement from my beginning record of 30 sec!!!



Lesson Three


I'm back on track with taking my supplements daily. 


Lesson Four


I've actually been very good at keeping up with my beauty tasks and have my photos from todays project. It worked out really great! I did learn that I need some ACTUAL makeup brushes....and contacts.....and much better contour powder...



Final Lesson


More Honesty Hour: I did nothing for my Japanese studies this week. terrible. Absolutely terrible. I'm ashamed of my laziness. And procrastination. I aim to work harder next week so I can get back to all the learning!!


This week was a train wreck because of our minication, but this upcoming week should prove a perfect time to get back on the (sea)horse.


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What?  You didn't use the Bon O'Dori Festival yesterday to utilize practical application of your Japanese?!?  It was the PERFECT opportunity!!  Not to mention the fact that you showed up in a Yukata...so there's some applied cultural applications right there!!!  And I think I saw you dancing...



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What?  You didn't use the Bon O'Dori Festival yesterday to utilize practical application of your Japanese?!?  It was the PERFECT opportunity!!  Not to mention the fact that you showed up in a Yukata...so there's some applied cultural applications right there!!!  And I think I saw you dancing...


I was dancing at the concert, but not during the bon dance. And I did talk to the Japanese Nationals also during the Minication but I don't count that because I'm not using what I learned and I'm not really learning since I'm struggling too much with the conversation.


Week 3 Class Schedule:


SUN: Yoga for swimmers (Legs) and/or Fitness Marshall's Cardio Hip Hop


MON: DK drill #4 and/or BPW


TUE: Yoga for swimmers (Shoulders) and/or Fitness Marshall's Cardio Hip Hop


WEDS: DK drill #5 and/or BPW


FRI: DK drill #6 and/or BPW


Lesson Materials:

Weekly War Paint Project


This week I'll focus on getting materials that I need in order to do better on these projects. This week, along with my picture post, I'm on a scavenger hunt for the following:

  1. ​Brushes
  2. Contour powder/liquid
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Lip gloss


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Alright, after literally running down the path to failing one of my life quests, I've decided to do some research and change it. I've learned that if I'm going to progress, I have to focus on my weaknesses first, in this case, studying vocabulary and reviewing. I'll adjust my quest to reflect that. 


​Weight: 72 kg

Waist: 71.5 cm

Hips: 97 cm

Breath Holding: 1 min 3 sec


Above are my stats as of today. I've lost 1kg, 3cm, and gained another 30 sec on my breath holding. I'm hopinh starting this week, i can get some normalcy back in my life and do even better on this challenge. 

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