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  W E E K  3  U P D A T E  


First Lesson: Adjust to new Fins 


My form is improving a lot. I am now up to the 6th drill, which was exhausting since now I'm without fins. But it's worth it. When it's all said and done, I'm buying a set of monofins as a reward.

Second Lesson: Breath Water

I can now naturally hold my breath for 1 min 30 seconds. I can now start O2 training and once I hit a steady 2 min breath hold, I can CO2 training as well. I'm very excited since all this static training has been showing itself in the water: today I managed to swim 25 meters (in length) on 1 breath. Huge improvement,such excite, so much wow. 


Third Lesson: Aquatic Cuisine

I'm still doing very well on this quest, and hopefully starting tomorrow I'll be able to add back in the fish oil supplements.


Fourth Lesson: War Paint

While I still did my other care routines (masks and such) I didn't do the weekly makeup test or even find the items I was looking for. There goes my good streak. With the new changes I'm doing much better on this quest than I was before.


Final Lesson: Learn another language


With the new changes I'm doing much better on this quest than I was before.

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Week 4 Class Schedule:




MON: DK drill #7 and/or Yoga for swimmers (shoulders)


TUE: BPW and/or Fitness Marshall's Cardio Hip Hop


WEDS: DK drill #8 and/or Yoga for swimmers (core)


THU: BPW and/or Fitness Marshall's Cardio Hip Hop


FRI: DK drill #9 and/or BPW


Lesson Materials:

Weekly War Paint Project


I failed to do last week's project, so now I just have to do it this week instead. Along with my makeup practice, I'm on the lookout for these items:

  1. ​Brushes
  2. Contour powder/liquid
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Lip gloss

I'm making this week a busy one mainly to see how far I can go. Today I was hitting SO MANY PRs. I'm so proud. Like I've been really angry and upset lately, due to some inescapable turns of fate and destiny. But after seeing what i could do and showing so much improvement in so little time...well it feels like I'm on a coaster that only goes up. I'm excited for this week and I'm excited to see how far I can push myself.



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SWIMMING: I'm up to the 8th drill and will move to the 9th drill this Friday. My stomach is killing me but it's so worth it if it improves my endurance.


BREATHING: I've started O2 training since I can hold my breath up to 2 min, Once I can reach 2:15 I'll start CO2 tolerance training.


JAPANESE: I'm doing so much better with my reviews and have started reviewing my Kanji everyday as well. 


BODYWEIGHT: My back is sore but that just means I'm getting stronger, right? My routine now looks like this:

  • 10 somersaults
  • 10 cartwheels
  • Clear 1 step 10x
  • Clear 2 steps 10x
  • Clear 3 steps 10x
  • Clear 4 steps 2x
  • 3x16 Box jumps on a bench
  • 5x20 push-ups
  • 3x8 25-lb dumbell row
  • 4x8 inverted rows
  • 3x8 tricep dips
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  W E E K  4  U P D A T E  


First Lesson: Adjust to new Fins 


I pushed it this week. To the point of soreness and pain. But I'm so glad I did. I did it! I can now dolphin kick! Now that my form is down, I'm going to work on improving it, getting more efficient. I'm also setting out to improve my endurance and my breath hold while swimming. So here comes the free dive training!

Second Lesson: Breath Water

My O2 training is going well. I'm up to 2:15. Honesty Hour: I'm kind of being a fucking idiot. Previously, I've been practicing breath holding on my own. Which is fucking stupid. I started on a new training part, apnea walking, the other day. 15 sec into the walk I blacked out, I got incredibly dizzy, lost vision and nearly collapsed. Thankfully I got back to normal just as fast as it happened. And thankfully, my husband was on the couch I was trying to walk around. I've learned my lesson; never breath hold alone. 


Fourth Lesson: War Paint

I finally bought my brushes but failed to do the project.


Final Lesson: Learn another language


Aside from keeping up with my 10 vocab words a day and my reviews, I'm doing really well with reviewing my kanji and doing more than just one Japanese grammar lesson.

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I'm back! Week 5 was pretty insane. So much has happened where the hell do I start?


I took my first steps in starting up my own business. I climbed a mountain. 


Ok I guess not THAT much has happened, but the start up business part did take forever.


But I'm here to talk about fitness!


Yeah I fucked up....sort of.


  • Worked out twice during Week 5: one swim, one climbing the Fuji.
  • Kept up with one life quest...trailed off the other
  • somehow managed to keep up with my vitamins
  • stopped my apnea training WTF
  • I don't even know what's going on on the Nerdiprise anymore...

So here we are week six. I'm going all out on this. Everyday Something will be done. I'm pumped up. Because I CLIMBED A FREAKING MOUNTAIN I CAN DO ANYTHING

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Congrats!  Great job!!  


See...mermaids can make it to the top of mountains!!




Now you can't relax too much...keep up the great work!!  We're in the home stretch!! 

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Mid-Week update:


I almost broke myself helping the Engineers today. I'm excited to go swim today now that the rain clouds have parted and the sun has come out.


BREATHING: I have some new excercises that are safer to preform daily, and have switched my O2 and CO2 training to twice a week.


JAPANESE: I'm getting better at making a habit out of learning my vocab, and have sometimes added kanji in the mix as well.


WAR PAINT: While I missed posting the past two weeks make-up projects, I'll post them here! I've efficiently improved on coverage and a clean natural look so yay success!



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First Lesson: Adjust to new Fins B+


I did great with this quest. While I was one day short on getting a perfect A, I'm still proud that I've learned to Dolphin Kick in these past 6 weeks. I also ended up being able to clear more steps and I climbed Mt. Fuji. I say that's pretty good.



  • ​Swam 7x
  • Dancing 2x
  • Yoga 5x
  • Bodyweight Workouts 5x

​​Award: Finis Foil Monofin and STR + 2.25, STA +1.5

Second Lesson: Breath Water B-

Another proud moment for me. While I still struggle to get to 2 min, I have definitely made improvements. And the fact that I know I can reach 2 min, only makes me want to push harder.



  • ​AM Breathing Exercises 11 days
  • PM Breathing Exercises 20 days
  • Personal record: 2 min 15 sec

​​Award: STA +0.75


Third Lesson: Aquatic Cuisine B+


I did surprisingly well taking my vitamins. As you'll see from the stats below, I based my score from taking my multi-vitamins as I count that being most important for my health.



  • ​Multi-Vitamin 40 days
  • Biotin 38 days
  • Fish Oil 7 days

​​Award: CON +2.25


Fourth Lesson: War Paint B+


As I though, this was actually a hard quest. And while I missed posting pictures and doing make-up projects two weeks in a row, I still did very good. I know have a brush set, and some good make-up to create a simple natural look. I also built some good hair care and skin care routines.


Stats: N/A


​​Award: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera and CHA +2.25


Final Lesson: Learn another language C


Man oh man. I'm surprised I made it out of this quest. While I didn't do great, I blame it on the fact I took on way too much too soon. I was giving up by week 2.  But every challenge I learn something new, and this challenge is no different. With my new goals and even a new system in place, I'm able to learn more, retain more, and am more confident in my speaking abilities (as basic as they are).



Stats: N/A


​​Award: WIS +1.5


As for my weight and size, I have no change since the beginning, which is fine, because I'm aiming for health and ability, not looks.


I gained a lot from this challenge. And I'm really excited for the next one! In the interim I'll keep swimming, but just once or twice a week and I'll strive to maintain the good habits that I've built.




On my time on the Nerdiprise I've managed to complete repairs on Weapons and Shields (STR +1), give aide in Med Bay (DEX +1), serve a meal in the Galley (CON +0.5), and dropped in on Engineering for a bit (STA +0.5).



STA +2.75

STR +3.25

DEX +1.00

CON +2.75

CHA +2.25

WIS +1.50

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