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Dyno: Second steps


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Okay. Hi, y'all. Dyno here, fresh from the Recruit ranks. Xena was nice to me over there, so I decided to come join your esteemed company.


As it worked last time, I'm going to stick with the theory that my goals should all be things that feed into my main quest (still, as ever, losing weight). Ergo, my quests will all, in theory, be things that make that main quest happen so long as I do them.


So, onward:


Food: I'm going to stick with recording it every day, but I'm going to make it a little tighter this time: I'm actually going to aim for certain numbers of macronutrients. I'd like to be at or under 75g of carbs per day, and I'd also like to be at or above 130g of protein. The rest should be high-quality fats (olive oil, nuts, fat from grass-fed meat, etc), but I won't be tracking that.

While I'll be tracking daily, it's probably better to judge these things weekly, so, that would be 525g or less of carbs and 910g of protein or more per week. I've already got a whole bunch of seasoned chicken breast and the like ready to go to help me hit that protein level; the carbs, honestly, I haven't had too much trouble with, and don't anticipate it in the future.


Exercise: keep to the 5/3/1 lifting plan, 4 days a week. Walk 50k steps per week. Slowly become a beast. Even more slowly, manage a pullup. Bury the gym's ab wheel so I don't see it taunting me.


Rest: back to getting my 8 hours a night. I've hit a patch of insomnia lately, and am unsure why, but I've got a week to figure it out before the challenge starts.


Skills: Duolingo for Spanish every day. Teach myself a little Python every day, as well.

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Sorry for the long absence; life occurred.


My exercise goal is going great, apart from it being a back-off week in my lifting program, which is driving me insane. Getting plenty of walking in, though.


The rest of my goals...well...not so great, Al. You see, I got a surprise extra life-quest thrown at me - lost my job last Friday (I'm a futures trader and I haven't really made any money for 6 months, so, not surprising, but still). So, my sleep schedule is screwed, since I don't have to be up at a set time. On the plus side, I'm not grazing through the kitchen at work, so I'm eating both better and less (probably too little, honestly, but I'm not hungry, so it seems ok).


So, now things are more about figuring out what's next. Talking to recruiters, considering moving back to my actual field (mechanical engineering), considering moving over to computer programming - mostly, I'm working through the stuff over at FreeCodeCamp, right now. Rambling here.


Yeah. Fun.

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Sorry to hear about your job. It sounds like you are able to see some positives in the situation and are not letting it derail you from your goals. Just know that your fellow Rangers are here to support you.

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