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skin'N'bones Joins the Rangers


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Hi sloth, thanks for checking in, we're camping this week so Internet access is sketchy , I just about caught up with your thread last night but I'm majorly behind on NF as I'm also subbing D_R and Rurik which is a challenge .


Add shaarawy in there and you'll be busy for months.

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"Rangers have to at least give up on pants. It's a special rule we enacted after Rurik became a Guild Leader.” – DarK_RaideR.

"Did I just get my ass kicked by a member of Metallica meets History Channel's Vikings?" - Wolfpool.

"By the Well-Oiled-and-Meticulously-Groomed Beard of Rurik!" - Tanktimus the Encourager.

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Mid Challenge Review : Here's how I think I've been getting along.


  • Life Quest : Laminate Floor & Wall Insulation : 0 / Fail / Whatever :(
  • Actually Workout While Camping : Quite pleased with this, running not great, workouts completed : +1 WIS, +1 STA
  • BodyWeight Progressions :
    • Pull-Ups : In BodyWeight progressions, I'm onto 5 halfs, so this goal is still just about within reach.
    • One Legged (Pistol) Squats : Slow progress here, doing 'box' squats off our low couch, and still finding tough on left leg.
    • Diamond Pushups : Achieved ! Did 7 last night : + 1 STR
    • 1 Minute Leg Lift Plank : Has been done twice now, will just take 1 point for now, the other if I manage to do it with better form : + 1 STA
  • Train with Basketball Team : Not yet / Fail :(
  • Get up to 72 Kg : This is looking a little unlikely now, this morning's weigh in was 71.1, so two weeks to get another 2 kg - not sure if that is even a good idea.
  • Complete 10K : 30th August, this will depend on whether the missus wants to do the full 10k or just drop back to the 5k.
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Great job with your bodyweight stuff. I envision a day when I'll be able to do things like that. I feel ya with the laminate floor. I have a whole room I need to clean out and I finally just started this week. You'll get there though. It's hard work, but it so worth it. Looks great and easy to clean.

Lady Feowyn Miread of Eldavar


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Thanks, the floor is done at last !


On Sunday I just thought, "this is never going to get done, if I keep not doing it !", so I at least decided to make a start, and actually finished. So now , hopefully I'm feeling motivated enough to get the insulation on the wall above it (it's just an area under a bay window really) .

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Final Challenge Review : Good but not great.


* Life Quest : Laminate Floor & Wall Insulation : B - +2 WIS : got the floor and insulation boards done, just got lining paper left to do. [emoji4]

* Actually Workout While Camping : +1 WIS, +1 STA
* BodyWeight Progressions :
Pull-Ups : Still only on 6 halfs, I seem to have stalled a bit on this one.
* One Legged (Pistol) Squats : Not even close.
* Diamond Pushups : Achieved ! : + 1 STR
* 1 Minute Leg Lift Plank : + 1 STA. Although I've actually decided to go down a progression on these as I'm not managing to keep my back straight - really curved over my shoulders.

Train with Basketball Team : Not yet / Fail :
Get up to 72 Kg : 71.5 . + 1 CON  I'm happy with this, I've decided to slow down my weight gain now.
Complete 10K : Fail, I struggled with motivation to run towards the end of this challenge , only ran 15 minutes last night, so need to step this up a bit.

Just need to update my points on my signature next time I'm in front of a computer.

I see green herbs !

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