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NatKal709 runs away from her quarter life crisis


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Ughh So I am turning 25 during this challenge and I am soo dreading it. Not that I think I am doing bad in my life right now I am just WAY far off from what I always thought and dreamed I would be at this age. So I am using this challenge as a way to distract myself. And since running is something that I have pretty much sucked at during my first 25 years of life I would really like to turn things around and actually get good at it for the next 25 years. So that's going to be the focus of my challenge.



Main Challenge Goal: 20 minute sustained run


Goal #1: Follow Zombies 5k trainer program 3 times a week


I have been successfully avoiding running most of my life and I would really like to get my shit together and get good at this very basic skill. So as I am very much a beginner I want to follow a laid out program created by someone with much more experience than me. I like the RPG set up of this app because it keeps things fun and interesting. I will be starting on week 2 this week and will be on week 3 by the starting day of this challenge which works out nicely because I will be able to finish the program during the challenge.


Goal #2: Hike Koko head Stairs at least once a week.



For those of you who don't know what this is it's a short but steep hike up an old railroad track consisting of approximately 1100 railroad tie steps and about 0.7miles total; basically Hawaii's outdoor stair master. I'll try and post some pictures for you all. It is a seriously good cardio workout and a good strength and endurance workout for your lower body, once you get to the steeper part at the top you are basically lunging up a mountain. I will post my times going up and down for you guys, right now I am right around the 30 minute mark going up and 35 minutes going down. Last time I was there I met a girl who goes up and down 5 times as a regular workout, so badass.


Goal #3: Every 1 hour yoga class = 30 minutes cardio workout of any variety.


So in an effort to create some positive reinforcement in my brain I want to combine something I love (yoga) to something I avoid at all costs (cardio). That way a built in reward. SO this doesn't necessarily have to be running outdoors on a track because that's already going to be happening 3 times a week with my first goal, so this can be any kind of treadmill, elliptical, bike workout at the gym or even one of the cardio based classes at the gym like spinning/ cycling, core and cardio, or cardio kickboxing.



Life Goal: Work on my writing at least once a week.

 Level 1 Amazon, training with the Scouts.



6 week challenge goal: 20 minute sustained run/jog






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So the other day I did 45 minutes walking on the treadmill with the incline all the way up (15%) and I have to say it was a really good workout. Like I was pretty surprised; I only had the speed set at 3 but I definitely broke a sweat. I tried a similar workout on the elliptical with a high resistance for 45 minutes but I didn't get the same effect. I am thinking that with the set pace of the treadmill makes it better for longer sessions whereas with the elliptical I was slowing down gradually even with the high resistance. So yeah anyway I am definitely going to keep the high incline treadmill workout in rotation for this challenge, maybe I will try to add some intervals at a higher speed in next time too.

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 Level 1 Amazon, training with the Scouts.



6 week challenge goal: 20 minute sustained run/jog






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Hey, love all the walking. I recall that when I used the elliptical, it was easier in the sense that I wasn't getting 'off the ground' so my push offs were easier and landing didn't shock the legs (or the rest of my body  :playful: ) either. I think that makes it easier. The treadmill gets the goods with the incline as well as the lift off effort.

I think you'll be happy with the results of interval training.

I so wanna use your outdoor stairmaster!

Keep going strong!

22nd level Wanderer

better is right here, right now

The Way

Here's to all the 1% increases in life!

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