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KB Girl has an affair with barbells

KB Girl

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I like the idea of you writing a book. :)

I second that! When I met you you seemed so knowledgeable about how the body works and everything... It would be a great read I'm sure!


I also think qualifying for world championships is a very worthy challenge goal! 

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You loved this challenge? I loved this challenge! You really found a good groove here! Keep it up next challenge, maybe? No need to change up what's working for you! I also loved all the coaching insights and the workshop sounded like a great time for all. 

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Raptron, alot assassin

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Yes I think you're definitely on to something there.. busyness is good. Worrying not so much. Yesterday (during the course) I ate almost nothing at all and never even noticed... if only I could do that every other day :D




Well done with this challenge :) :) I'm sure you've learnt a lot more than most people in most challenges - and the barbell-fu will help you as a trainer too I expect because you have the option relate/contrast the KB movements with BB equivalents.


Big question though - how is the cut going? Will you make the lower weight class for World's?

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