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SpecialSundae keeps it simple and heads for 400 Wilks

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This will only be my second competition.... First competition I didn't really know what I was doing. So we'll see!!!

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I think the only thing holding me back from lifting in 57kg is the 2 hour weigh in. If I had 24 hours I could lift 57kg no problem. Right now I'm consistently at 59-60kg, right smack in the middle. I could do it, but it would be rough.

When you get to a certain level, this is doable for a 2 hour weigh in. The only problem is you get a weight rebound after the cut.

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"Gentle means tired."

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I'm still not used to days without squatting. I love squats.



Thursday 6/8:




(20kg x10x2)

(40kg x10)

(50kg x5)

(60kg x5)

65kg x4x5


Feeling pretty easy and getting easier through the sets. Shan't post the full videos as my spotter started mooning the camera but here's one set.



Dumbbell shoulder press s/s dumbell chest-supported row 14kg x8x3


Machine row: 36kg x8x3

Machine shoulder press: 32kg x8x3

Lat pulldown: 36kg x8x3


Feels weird doing a day without squatting, but did my thang.




Still not getting enough sleep. Managing 7 hours but no more.


Did a nice wee roll last night before going to sleep and my glutes are happier today than other Thursdays.


Tomorrow's hot yoga day and I'm so looking forward to it. 


Anyone want to send me kitteh gifs?

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Did you know that today is international cat day? :)




Training was a mixed bag today. I'm still failing to sleep enough, which isn't helping!



Friday 7/8:


Hot yoga - 1 hour

Finally, FINALLY, managed to do bakasana for the very first time!



Saturday 8/8:




(20kg x10)

(40kg x10)

(60kg x5)

(80kg x5)

(100kg x2)

110kg x4x5


Felt harder than on Tuesday and I sulked a bit before being reminded that training isn't always meant to be easy.




(20kg x10)

(40kg x10)

(50kg x5)

65kg x4x5


Normal service has been resumed... AKA easy biscuits.




(60kg x5)

(80kg x5)

(100kg x2) (double overhand and beltless... so a weird PB)

112.5kg x4x3 (rep PB, I think)


First set I didn't do my belt up tightly enough so it gave arse all support. After that it was better.



About an hour and a half of sports massage when I got home from an awesome friend.  :)



I think the massage counts as mobility, right?

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It's one of the strength and conditioning suites at University of Edinburgh. It is used by the weightlifting club but also by other clubs, teams and courses for lifting weights. There are dumbbells and a few machines (leg press, lat pulldown/cable row and some cable machines) at the other end, plus a para bench and some other bits and bobs as well as the obvious weightlifting and powerlifting kit (there's a mix of weightlifting and powerlifting bars rather than just one or the other).

Basically, I love lifting there. I love the open gym too but for different reasons.

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No powerlifting club but a few strength and conditioning coaches (like mine/Jaymul's) have access to use it. Neither of us go to university any more.

The public gym (CSE) is pretty awesome too. So many lifters and some of them insanely strong. It's nice being surrounded by people much stronger than me.

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Don't drop out:


Okay, I'm terrible for dropping out of challenges of late, so first goal is just to make it through the challenge without getting so miserable about my challenge that I drop out.

To counteract this, I'm going to post a kitten gif every day (and feel free to join me).

Yup, still here. Still posting. Not quite managing a kitten every day but averaging at least seven a week. :)


Work that rock-hard ass


Okay, so I have a rock hard ass... and not in a good way.

Basically, my glutes are so knotted up that they're practically solid and it's actually causing me a lot of pain. The goal is to lax ball my glutes for at least 5 minutes a day (excluding days when I have massages). Also need to keep stretching out my adductors and rolling them, because they go ping a little too often at the moment when I used to be able to pancake.

Also arranged with a qualified friend to get regular sports massages on Saturdays. This is going to be painful.

Yup, had another massage yesterday and felt the uber-DOMS today. I barely wanted to move but still went to yoga and I've been working on lightly stretching my glute.




I don't sleep enough, so I'm going to try to get 7h30m sleep a night. I'm not going to penalise myself as long as the time between lights out and the alarm is more than 7h30m but the aim is to get that much sleep based on my FitBit readings.

I've only managed to average 7h15m sleep this week but that's up from 7h4m last week, so there is improvement. I'm going to go to bed very soon to try to make the most of it.

I've upped my calories because I was feeling really rough last week and I've felt a lot better. I've averaged about 2850-3000 calories this week. I'm going to see what it has done to my weight once the bloat from tonight's Turkish pig-out goes down but I may well be competing at 72 in a couple of weeks anyway (albeit a very light 72).



Contributing factor to high weight being a part-rye baguette filled with Cajun-style sausages from a local pork producer and lots of grilled peppers (ooh and a tamarind and chipotle chutney from the amazing Mr Vikki's.

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Decisions, decisions. I've already exceeded my protein goal for today but I just got a box of new protein bars and they look so tasty and... and... oh bugger it, I'll have a Stoats bar!


Not a granola bar - a porridge bar!  :lol:





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Sleep update: Lights out for 7h40m but only got 7h14m sleep. Still better than last week but I need to try to get to bed earlier.


Still feeling really down this morning. I'm trying to remind myself that I lift because it's fun but I feel like I'm forever running behind the curve. I'm not sure I'll manage to improve my rankings at the British championships, even if I go to 72 at Scottish Seniors there's no guarantee I'll win my class.


On the plus side, I saw the list of possible entrants from Wales for the Commonwealth Championships and even if I come last in my class I'll have a gang of friends around for an almighty piss-up if they pick the ones I think they might. :)

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Training ramblings:


SpecialSundae, on 11 Aug 2015 - 10:23 AM, said:

I crawled out of bed at 8am on Sunday, had a light breakfast (okay, a bear claw filled with dried fruit goodness... so sue me) got dressed and went into town for yoga at 9:45 only to walk in and discover they'd changed the time and it had started at 9:30. At least they still let me in.

Went for a wander around town afterwards and to a food festival (bit of a rip off as it was pretty much a farmers' market but we came home with some really nice meats and chilli sauces). Grabbed a baguette from another farmers' market on the way home and made this with some sausages and one of the new chilli relishes.

Had a family meal in the evening and decided to just enjoy it, not count calories accurately and worry about my weight afterwards.


Woke up at 65.1kg yesterday morning.

My own silly fault.

Anyway, yesterday was hot yoga and I almost passed out again (even though I'd been fine on Friday). I'm not sure if it's something to do with the poses that teacher does or if I'm just more susceptible to fainting when I'm debloating or something else. Suggestions on the back of a postcard.

Training diary from Sunday past through to my competition next Saturday looks like this (you can take it as read that I'll be walking every day):

•Sunday - Restorative yoga

•Monday - Hot yoga

•Tuesday - Lifting (squats & bench)

•Wednesday - Spin

•Thursday - Lifting (bench & accessories)

•Friday - Hot yoga

•Saturday - Lifting (squat, bench & PB deadlifts)

•Sunday - Restorative yoga

•Monday - Lifting (rep PB squats & PB bench)

•Tuesday - Hot yoga

•Wednesday - Lifting (very light squats & bench)

•Thursday - Possibly some light yoga or mobility shizz

•Friday - Bath, rest and relax

•Saturday - Competition (weigh in 11am, lifting from c. 1pm)

I think I might just lift in 63s regardless, as there's every possibility that I'd come second at 72 anyway. I'm going to try to just remember that it's meant to be fun and not care that I'm slipping backwards in the rankings on both a Scottish and British level, but it sucks.

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