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Hey everyone its Leviathan (AKA Miska23) and I am back for my 5th challenge :D

This challenge I am using the viking awesomeness as my inspiration.


(ps I have been to these viking swords in Norway, They are awesome!)

I will be focusing on 3 aspects of Viking Noble Virtues:



I need to build strength in order to fight and pillage to my hearts content! all of that loot can be heavy!


Last challenge I noticed that I need a workout routine that I can scale as my body gets used to moving the weight.

Also I need some variety in my routines to help with not burning out and getting bored.

So for this challenge I will be working on a sandbag routine. I realized that with a sandbag I can add weight if necessary further on in the challenge if need be.

I will be following this program:


the exercises are:

Body Rip

One Arm Shouldering (repeat a set on each side of the body)

Shouldered Squat (repeat a set on each side of the body)

Sandbag Snatch


Rotational Deadlift

Around the World

Clean and Press

Upright Row

Overhead Alternating Lunge

Get Up (repeat a set on each side of the body)

For practice wielding an Axe, shield and sword I need to build up my upper body.

I will be knocking out a dumbbell routine at least once a week.

DB Bench Press - 2 sets 6-8 reps

DB Flyes - 2 sets 6-8 reps

DB (Military) Press - 10-12 reps

DB Side Laterals - 2 sets 6-8 reps

DB Front Laterals - 2 sets 6-8 reps

Arnold dumbbell press - 2 sets 6-8 reps

DB Shrugs - one set to failure

Lying DB Tricep Extension - 2 sets 8-10 reps

Seated Triceps Press- 8-10 reps

Tricep (close hand) Push-ups - 2 sets 10-12 reps, 1 set failure

Tricep DB Kickback - 2 sets 6-8 reps

(can sub for sandbag exercises)



Swimming is an essential skill for any viking who ventures toward the west across an open ocean.

I will be following the swim exercises on this website at least once a week:


Walking while carrying heavy gear and possible loot across open country toward the ships is another necessary skill for any viking.

I will walk at least one mile a week with my rock-bag\sandbag backpack that I made currently it weights 50lbs

I will use a pedometer to keep track of the distance



I will be learning from Floki how to build ships.

I have a whittling set that I never used more than a handful of times. I decided that I will finish at least one carving by the end of the 6WC and post a picture of it here. I have a couple 3inX2in blocks that I will using.


Aaaannnndddd thats it :D


Starting stats:

Height: 6ft

Weight: 195lbs

Waist: 36in

Right bicep: 14in

Left bicep: 14in

Right thigh: 22in

Left thigh: 22in

Just curious to see if there are any changes in the stats at the end of the challenge.

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WOOT WOOT!! There he is! Nice looking challenge, dude. Like the new profile pic too! Swimming is such awesomeness-plus gets your pretty shredded and all the sandbag goodness, ghetto or not, will take you to Valhalla and back!



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Thanks! Its going to be tough, im not the greatest swimmer lol. This challenge will definitely keep me occupied. I have 5 things to do instead of just 2 things repeating. Sandbag, dumbbell, weighted hiking, swimming, and carving so my ADHD shall be entertained :)

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Sweet yeah that article got me thinking of sandbag training too. Which do you think would be better the nines routine or the one i have above?


Stick with what you have above.  I tried using the Nines as my daily routine and found it too taxing.  It's a good substitute if you're getting bored with your normal routine and want a change of scenery.

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The Sandbag Nines...makes me think of an old kettlebell routine I did called "the nine". It was 9 continuous minutes of 30 seconds each side doing various things like swings, cleans, snatch, reverse lunge, and my favorite, the swing burpee! It was hell, but shredded me up in no time. Keep on it dude and Valhalla will be jealous of you supreme Viking-ness!



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Coming in for support. I figured tenaciousglee would be happy to see another sandbagger, and I was right, haha. I like the Viking theme, and solid set of ass-kicking goals. Kind of makes my head spin to imagine taking all that on, I'm here to watch you rock it! (Ugh, that pun hurt). I'm looking forward to see what you end up with from your whittling kit, too, sounds like a cool hobby. 

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Lol nice pun. I will definitely do my best to juggle everything. I wanted to try something different than my last few challenge schemes of 2 strength and 1 skill set up. So hopefully the little bit of everything will help with the week 5 fizzle. Thanks for the support :)

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I am so completely stoked on your whittling project.  Like... more than I should be.  YOU MUST POST PHOTOS OR I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL... ahem.  Moving on.


Thanks :) yeah its not an official sandbag i made a ghetto one out of my military pack and a bunch of rocks.


I would argue that a DIY sandbag is closer to "official" than a manufactured one. Just sayin'. ;)

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Valhalla is singing sir-it's calling the name of the Great Leviathan to arm himself and prepare for 6-weeks of destroying your body! No mortal man or beast can stop this terrifying creature!


Week one, brotha!!!



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Holy hell!! 30 mins worth of sandbag torture complete! For the first time doing the routine I used a 50# sand bag. I will stick with this weight for now until i can perfect the form. Believe me nothing reminds you to have good form like a bag of rocks hitting you in the face and shins. So love taps aside i am really digging this so far. I havent been this beaten down from a workout in a while. So feels good to be back lifting heavy things again and swinging them around. I hope Odin is pleased ;)

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