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Leviathan earns a place in Valhalla


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Yeah I really hope it pans out but I know that it is a long ways away before the process is complete. I have pretty much dropped the ball on the second half of this challeneg, only thing that I have kept up with is the swimming because my kids want to go to the pool so often. I have alot of stuff in the air right now and juggling, finding a new job by the end of the month, wife starting her job, kids health and school, and swimming in debt. So I have let these things side track my fitness for thw time being. No excuses because I could have still done the workouts if I would have stopped my brain from getting the better of me. Just wanted to say thank you for the kind words from everyome and hopefully things will settle and I can be back on the next 6wc soon.

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Have you checked out Kyliewyotie's challenge?  He's got a really busy job and is preparing for the arrival of his first kid.  The premise of his challenge was establishing a baseline of fitness.  The minimum thing he can do to move in the right direction while under stress and time crunch.  You may find it helpful to check out.  It's been working really well for him!

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