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lucid dreamers anyone?

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Hello! I was just curious if anybody else has had lucid dreams or maybe does so on a regular basis. I stumbled into them on accident during a period of high stress and sleep deprivation. Pretty sure I was being possessed by some malevolent entity the first time I was awake during sleep paralysis lol. Anyhow during the last several years I have not been able to regularly lucid dream, it's a rare treat. There were just a couple times I was able to induce a lucid dream state from wakefulness. It was absolutely incredible. I am certain the reason I can no longer accomplish this is because of my abuse of alcohol in the past 10 years. That is being taken care of, I will not let my mind deflate like a cheap beachball in the name of apathy.

Anyhow if you are not familiar with lucid dreaming you should do some looking-up. Like learning any new skill it will take some time but once you actually induce a lucid dream it will blow your mind. It's like watching the opening credits of your favorite game and then finally realizing you can pick up the controller.

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Amazing that you view lucid dreams as a treat after having an experience with sleep paralysis like that!


I've had a fair amount of experience with lucid dreaming, used to be on a dreaming forum but it wasn't exactly for me. I tend to dream in multiple layers/streams, so lucid dreaming is just one of many types of dream experiences in my lexicon. A while back I purposefully studied lucid dreaming, after naturally having a few, to try and figure out what was going on. I don't really study it specifically anymore, but will have one on occasion anyways.


Whenever I do lucid dream, it takes me a few days to a week to come down from the energies/feelings so I don't necessarily consider it a treat myself... but still a powerful experience when it happens, thus why it lingers in my consciousness for so long.


I was actually looking at a lucid dream app yesterday, which is why I noticed this topic when scrolling. I was thinking about giving it a try this coming week to exercise that lucid-dream-on-a-dime skill, but it's a low priority on my list right now. I've never been very good at the purposeful I'm-Going-to-Lucid-Dream-Now, it's mostly been an organic Oh-I'm-Lucid-Dreaming-Now for me. The app is called Awoken. The totem sound aspect of the app is cool, but like I said, I just started looking into using it.

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I am a lucid dreamer when I "need" to be. It doesn't ordinarily just happen but rather when a dream takes a turn for the worse or if I realize there is an outcome I would prefer I can control it. Otherwise, if its a normal dream with no "need" for change I am just along for the ride.The first time it occurred I was in my early 20's and almost 20 years later I am better at it but remember fewer dreams. 



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I lucid dream often, maybe once or twice a week, I usually use it do something I cannot do in the real world (usually fly or hover around my neighborhood) my control and how much I can do varies but I do enjoy it and find it relaxing more than anything else


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I've had experience with lucid dreaming from a very young age.  I don't do it every night, but I believe I do it more often than average. I often use it to redirect a dream that's taking a bad turn.  I also have very vivid, detailed dreams in bright color.  I have solved problems in my dreams, I even have had the solution to coding bugs appear in my dreams when I couldn't see the problem when I was awake.  I've had days where I slept for more than 14 hours because I wanted the dream I was in to continue.  I also have frequent experiences with awake dreaming - things pop into my head that seem like memories, except they are things that never really happened and in some cases couldn't (i.e. talking animals), but they pop into my head fully formed and then dissolve like a dream a few minutes later and I often can only remember parts.  Some of them stick with me as if they are a memory of something I should recall, but there is always a key word or phrase or lyric that keeps me from making a connection to anything in real life.  I've had real dreams where I had audio but not video because I was either blinded or in pitch dark (riding a bicycle when the power went out and trying to stay on a road in pure darkness). I also have the most detailed dreams during the full moon - something I discovered by accident when I started tracking and recording my dreams.  Dreams absolutely fascinate me - I have almost as active a dream life as a real one, but not as consistent!

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I go back and forth on journaling about my dreams - usually when I'm in school I don't because I snooze until the last second and then scramble to get ready and by that point I've likely forgotten the dream.  Sometimes something will trigger memories of part of the dream and a lot usually comes back to me at that instant.  Then I may be able to remember it well enough to log it.  Weekends during the school year with nothing to do, I just sleep until I can't sleep anymore and usually forget by the time I get around to getting out of bed.


Lucid dreams don't happen to me terribly often, but when they do here are the most likely scenarios:

* "So can I fly today?  Yes?  Cool!"  (Doesn't apply to all flying dreams I've had.)

* "Oh, I just had a dream.  Better log about it." *logs in-dream and immediately forgets everything, doesn't log irl*


Not sure if falling asleep in dreams lends itself to lucid dreaming ever but hey.

Actually I was knocked out (put under anesthesia) in my dream last night and once I was decidedly "out" I immediately woke up.  It felt like a discharge of energy or something from my entire body below the neck.  Last time I did that I literally just found myself opening my eyes and seeing my room (wakeful world).


I have been watching a lot of anime lately so my dreams have been more colorful.


I've never been able to consciously induce lucid dreaming.  Could've been useful in one or two of my dreams...

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I have had lucid dreams for as long as I can remember and until recently it wasn't too often. Now it happens all the time. I have been studying Reiki and hypnotherapy for a while and have been using those concepts to dig deeper into the universe - one of the coolest things I have started to delve into so far is accessing the Akashic Records. Seriously, Google it if you're unfamiliar. 


My lucid dreams are usually driven by my intuition and kinda look like a more upbeat Twin Peaks crime solving vision (no creepy guy speaking backwards). Lucid dreams are also a means for your Higher Self/the Universe/your spirit guides to communicate with your subconscious on the physical plane when they need to; i.e. you've been slacking with meditation practice and playing Overwatch instead.


Some things to consider;

  • Dream journals are a great idea...if you use them. Using your phone as a recorder would be better, seeing as how your phone is undoubtedly your alarm clock too.
  • Use your druidy-ness and meditation/self hypnosis/yoga/Reiki practices to examine and fully receive any messages your unconscious mind is telling you. Even if you have perceived control of said dream while having it - your ego is fooling you into thinking you have control in that space - it's best to just go with the flow and observe. There are symbols and metaphors galore that revisiting in trance will clarify.
  • Consulting a professional for advice, training or insight can lead you to new heights of being.
  • If nothing else, go to the library for illumination.



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