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Introduction:  Hello All!! I'm Lula, and this is my very first 6-Week Challenge! I am fairly new to Nerd Fitness, but I tend to want to jump right in to the battle, so here I am starting the 6 week challenge. I work in construction management, so that means I spend a lot of time at my computer with semi-frequent job site visits. But overall I haven't been the most active person over the last few years. I joined the rebellion because I wanted to make a lifestyle change, and it was the only program I could find with such a great community that actually supports a healthy lifestyle.

My current Stats:

Weight: 166.3lbs

BF: 36.7%


Main Quest:  Drop a few dress sizes and ultimately weigh in around 125lbs. (I would love to wear a size Small t-shirt, and a size 2 jeans)


Quest 1: Workout or be active everyday of the week. (ie. running, walking, gym workout, yoga...)

Measurement: A = 6 days/week, B = 5 days/week, C = 4 days/week, D = 3 days/week, F = 2 days/week

Reward: A = New workout clothes & shoes, B = New workout shoes, C = New workout clothes, 


Quest 2: Follow meal plan to a T (at least keep it clean and vegan)

Measurement: A = 18 meals/week, B = 15 meals/week, C = 12 meals/week

Reward: A = Try a vegan restaurant, B = whole foods treat, C = dairy queen (slush)


Quest 3: Give up soda and coffee!!

Measurement: A = 0/week; B = 3/week C = 7/week

Reward: A = WINE!


Life Quest: Get up on my first alarm!

Measurement: A = 5 days/week, B = 3 days/week, C = 1 day/week

Reward: A = sleep in weekend!, B = sleep in sunday!


Motivation:  I want to increase my self-image and not avoid making new friends because of the way I look.

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i also have a hard time getting up on my first alarm.  I literally have 2 alarms that have 3 automatic snoozes. Hehe


You might notice that someone has added a tag to your post.  This is not to box you into a corner but rather because your goals or lifestyle have links to the guild you've been tagged and we'd like to bring you to the attention of one of their guild ambassadors. These ambassadors will be able to offer you advice, encouragement and support on your goals.  You don't even have to wait around for them to come introduce themselves to you, you are more than welcome to pop into the Adventurers' board and introduce yourself to the guildies there. I am also around to answer any questions that you might have so do not hesitate to PM me.


Good Luck with your challenge

AB xx

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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I just remembered a mini-quest with the monks, where we tried to get up without hitting the buzzer. If I remember right, it was combined with a stretching routine.

When I was younger, I had multiple alarms as well. Now I think it's more relaxing to sleep peacefully until the alarm rings and than get up. Without being interupted from earlier alarms.

Edit: here is the link, if you are curious.


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 I'm exercising, because I want to get my stamina and strength. I enjoy medieevil swordmanship,  Tai Chi, yoga, aikido and fire spinning. I'm also a roleplaying nerd and a book worm. Let's fight the procrastination dragon!

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Giving up soda and coffee at the same time sounds like quite the challenge! How are you doing so far?

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Je suis partie pour reconstruire ma vie

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