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determination VIKING in progress

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Hi everyone

First challenge as an assasin, I'm really excited to join you guys, one of my long term goals is to achieve the muscle up. I like hiking, bouldering, mountain biking and rocking the shit out of my guitar and mic. my motivation comes from an almost 3 years long battle with weight, I've lost almost 30 kgs in the course of those 3 years with ups and downs but I'm still dropping weight, I'm also getting married this october and hell yeah I would like to rock some kind of abs during my honeymoon, beside I made a promise to my girlfriend (my nutritionist, how convenient right?), I told her I will look like mother effin THOR (chris hemsworth, she loves that guy) by december 2017 jajajaja very long time I know but that is one hell of a body.

Word on the street is that your mini challenges are awesome so I'm really looking forward to them, i hope I'll be up to them.
I'll keep my main quest as in my past recruit challenge. so here are my goals and stats.


Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 88.6 kg
Body Fat: 17.7 %

Drop to 15% body fat for October (my wedding and honeymoon)

GOAL #1:
Drop to 16.5% body fat at the end of the challenge

GOAL #2:
Get from 6 pullups to 8 pullups

GOAL #3:
Keep my lifting weights and increase them if its possible, I will set a 20 lb increase goal.
Squats: 150 lbs DONE
Dead lift: 130 lbs
Bench: 130 lbs

My diet is a paleo based with milk and it hovers around 1800 and 2000 kcal daily and involves a very special relationship with beer jajajaja I have quit on it for a time now but I do love a beer, I've even brew some myself. I will try to keep myself away from beer as I've been doing so far but I cant promise anything

Thanks guys

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ok week 1 update


I've been posting several PR's for the minis which had lead to achieve one of my goals in this challenge. Squat goal is done.

The deadlift is not progressing, I hurt my back and I just got out of it, I dont know if I want to push it again, maybe I will start doing deadlift but with a very much lighter weight.


My weight dropped from 88.6 to 87.2 kg

My body fat dropped from 17.7 to 17.2%


We are currently in a weight loss challenge at work, it ends the last week of september, so me and my girlfriend are working on a strategy to win, we have 2 more months to do it, I'm aiming to drop 7 more kg, I'm pretty sure that will put in a 2nd or 3rd place, which are prices of 300 and 100 dlls that will come very handy for my honeymoon.


I'm making progress there.



and keep the good work, let's make it together

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good morning


it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, I was having some troubles with my body, i wasn't sick but i wasn't feeling normal but I think I'm back on track now

I weighted myself yesterday and here are the results:


Weight: 86.5 kg

Body Fat: 17%


I got one more week till this challenge ends, I'll do my best to get under 17% BF. beside I'm in the last month of the weight loss challenge at work, so far I've dropped 5 kg and I need at least 4 more to make sure I'll win a prize so I think I will keep my morning lifts and go back to a spinning class on the afternoon "keep the eye on the prize" those cash prices could make some very fun scuba lessons or skydiving on my honeymoon.



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one more down


today i went back to deadlifts after hurtin my back during the 2nd week of the challenge, I never quit squats I guess that is what made deadlifitng today easier, I made 3 deadlift PR and achieve my challenge goal, deadlift 150 lbs, I actually deadlift 190


and today I also was able to go back to 6 pullups

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