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So final summary! I've worked out percentages based on amount complete and then googled what grade that percentage would be :)


Intermittent fasting: This was a pass with number of 'fail' days under 10. 100% = grade A


Dumbbells: I was able to do 3x10 reps for bench press and military press and 3x7 reps for bicep curls. 67% = grade D+


Jogging: I managed to do a bit of running yesterday, though only 20 minutes so I was still 15 minutes under the total goal. I don't think I could have carried on to do the full 35 minutes as pushing myself too far prevoiusly has caused foot issues. 92% = A-


Press-ups: 1005 completed out of a goal of 840. Bonus allowed: 110% = grade A*


Total percentage 92% = grade A-


Things what I have learned:

- IF is good to an extent but I ate pretty rubbish, so I'll be switching back to calorie counting and using IF in my weeks between challenges

- I stayed around the same weight but don't feel particularly healthy and feel like I'm a bit flabbier. This may be in my head but I could definitely do with eating cleaner next time.

- I'm really lazy at getting the dumbbells out and need to schedule in when I'm going to do them

- Jogging is enjoyable but not when I HAVE to do it

- I should still carry on with press-ups but work on better technique etc


Major thanks to everyone who supported me through this challenge, big loves to ALL OF YOU XXX

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