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The Gunslinger: The journey begins (erosan's challenge log)

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"The man in black fled accross the desert, and the gunslinger followed"


 The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. 
It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains 
which sketched themselves on the horizon and the devil-grass which brought sweet dreams, nightmares, death.

In order to become who I want to be, I need to up my game.
My fourth challenge posed a couple of obstacles, but it still could not take me down. After nerdwarts (last's 6wc assassins' kickass mini theme) I feel like I can claim I've got my fitness base level conquered. But I'm still far from where I need to go.

“Let the word and the legend go before you. There are those who will carry both.

Fools, perchance. Let the world go before you. Let your shadow grow. Let it grow hair on its face. Let it become dark.

Given time, words may even enchant an enchanter. Do you take my meaning, gunslinger?â€

Once again, the only constant in my life is change: Found myself without a job by the end of the challenge, so I've gone back to freelancing which I LOVE, because I am not made to go by schedules, but which I HATE because I get so easily distracted that I end up not working as much as I am supposed to at the end of the day. And while family can get by without extra money (because my girl is awesome and earns plenty), I don't want to rely on her. I am the Ka-Dihn dammit! I want to be the one serving as an inspiration.


Walk through the dessert - Its tedious, its boring, its hard and a drag and it needs to be done to catch up to the man in black on my road to the Dark tower. Work at least 5 hours a day. I mean work, none of that watch youtube for 5 minutes then work nonsense... we all know where that road leads. 
+2 WIS if avg of 5 hours a day
+1 CON if at least avg of 3 hours on weekends
+1 STA if avg of more hours per day
Battle of Tull - When a whole town attacks you you must do all you can to stay alive. Even when at the edge of your capacity. Exercise to become stronger, using my body (when walking through the desert you can't carry extra weight - also, lose weight for same reasons) and running to prepare for what's coming (Training with my girl to run a half marathon in the future, date to be decided, but probably by January next year). 
+1 STR, +1 STA, +1 DEX if 3 sessions of BWW per week, plus some running
+2 CHA if 2 kg lost
Find supplies in the way station - Training the body can only go so far, you also need to fuel it properly. Buy and cook clean healthy food most of the time (you can't be too picky when foraging for survival, so an occasional meal that is not exactly paleo is fine). Try to cook as much as possible.
+1 WIS for buying almost only healthy food during this challenge
+2 CON for eating paleo 80%+ of the time
Talk around the campfire - Roland sat down with Walter and talked for an endless night about what is and what will be on the road to the Dark tower. Visions of the future and of reality itself came to Roland. I too need to review my current position in life, and decide what is and what will be. In short, reorganize life (yet again).
+2 WIS for finding ways to better life by organizing it or planning for future
+1 CHA if changes reduced stress even further

none yet.

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Challenge summary

Walk through the dessert - Instead of doing freelance job, I almost immediately got a job offer to be the general manager of a kitchen (it´s not quite a restaurant, but nearly) and that pretty much meant this goal was done for from the get go, replaced with a different challenge: adapting to a new job. I´m doing great now, though, the hours are good, and the food is great. Overall, I´m super happy with the change, even if it meant a failed challenge, and a setback as far as exercise goes.
Battle of Tull - Tull was a trap set by the man in black, I knew it going in... and although I made it out alive, I did not make it in good shape. I fell from the exercise wagon so hard I left a crater...
Find supplies in the way station - Still sort of trying to eat clean food, but I´ve relapsed on eating pasta and bread... sigh. It´s a neverending battle, isn´t it?
Talk around the campfire - I sat down with Walter O´dim, to discuss the future... and while he showed me glimmers of what´s to come, you can´t trust him that easily. We talked long into the night, for hour without end, and when I woke up... I smelled the salt in the air. I was at the beach.

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good days and pleasant nights to you too Sai Miska in disguise… do not think I did not see through your name change ;)

good to have you around.

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Thanks :D I feel that I am coming to the end of my own desert and with it the old ways and name are being left behind. Time for a change. Keep going through your desert and before you know it you will be in the field of roses before the tower. :D

(a bit dramatic lol but true)

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thanks! I've been doing Dark tower "themed" challenges ever since joining NF, although this one is the first one where I'm actually theming the goals and stuff :D

Hopefully it'll be fun.

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o hai guys

do you even remember back when you sub'd to this thread under false promises of kicking ass and awesomeness?


can't blame you… its been forever and a day…

well… not dead (so good news), but got a new job as the general manager of a new up and coming kitchen... think of it as a to-go restaurant.

I'm actually pretty stoked, and having fun (new challenges where there is plenty of learning to have makes me feel so)... the downside being my life is still chaos central.

Thus, I'm forfeiting this 6wc. (I mean officially, in case there was doubt). I'll even hand my resignation letter as an ambassador and all. hopefully next challenge I'll make up for it.

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Doesn't matter, I am happy for you that you got this amazing opportunity! Get settled in the new routine, and then I'm sure you'll be back for another challenge!

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