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Summer Ends with a Bang! Doe strives for Victory!


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Quest 1:Work it! Exercise 3x a week
A:  6 weeks of exercising 3x a week or 18 total workouts

B: 4-5 weeks 3x a week OR 15 total workout

C:3-4 weeks  3x a week

 D: 2-3 weeks 3x a week

F: less than 2 weeks
+1.42 STR +1.42 STA +0.86 CON

15 workouts! woot B! I'm starting to develop some outside the gym exercises for weeks when it's just too crazy to get to the gym all 3x or just finding more active stuff to do.
Quest 2:Keep eating better and track what I eat, yea all of it.
A: 90% or better

B: 80% or better completion

C: 70% or better completion

D:50% or better completion

F: 50% or less

+2.58 CON +0.86 WIS

83% or 35 out of 42 days. Yes this definitely made a difference so as much I really find it annoying to do I'm going to try and get into a better habit of doing it. I have been drinking a whole lot less and I think that really helped.
Quest 3:Take the cheapest route to work.

2Pts for walking
1Pt for the bus
0pts for taxi or begging a ride

A:50 Pts or better
B:40-49 Pts
F: Less than 30 Pts
+0.86 WIS +0.43 STA
31 pts - I just barely made this and it made me realize that I need to do better on this. So yay for awareness.

Side Quest: Get to work by 9am.

A 80% or better
C 65-79% or better
F: below 65%
 +2 CHA +1 STA

yay... So I felt slightly more productive but honestly it just looked a whole lot better to the boss. which while annoying is how the game is played. I think now I will try to make a better habit of getting to work before 9 and save those 9;30 days for when I really need it.

Weight lost during challenge: about 8lbs. sitting at 255.8

So did Summer end with a Bang? Well I've lost 12lbs this summer. I'm starting to really tell a difference in my strength and I'm slowly getting over food as a source of happiness and rewards (that's gonna take some time) maybe not with a bang but certianly not a fizzle.

Battle Log | Current Challenge | Instagram

"...You must always keep the star in your heart
shining strong to defeat the dark and evil souls." - Queen Serenity



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