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CrackerWatson - The Journey - A career change!

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Day 5 Summary:


Exercise was a bit different tonight, it was about 40mins of carry band equipment up a couple of flights of stairs whilst helping my friends ceilidh band.


Still calculating cals but think I'm going to be OK, I'm about 1200 plus need to add two beers...


Day 6 Summary


Todays exercise was a couple of hours of gardening and deck scrubbing...wow, I felt in more in my arms, back and legs the last couple of days than some other workouts.


Still to input cals into MFP so will follow up on this post.


Day 7 Summary


Ended up having a quick clean of the house and then visiting my girlfriends family, missed out on workout and Yoga...


Still working on logging MFP, due to dinner (a nice BBQ and homemade salad stuff) I don't think I'm really going to be able to log it and therefore keep a proper count, so think this is going to be a day of missed opportunity. 


Will update on count when I know where I am with things!

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OK so update to able post


Day 5:


Exercise good


Food good.


Day 6:


Exercise good.


Food good.


Day 7:


Exercise bad


Yoga bad


Food logging bad (I just cant get close enough details to log therefore I cant count the day...there was a lot of sauces in the dishes...)


Missed opportunity totals (rolling forward):


Quest 1 30mins exercise x 2

Quest 2 Yoga x 1

Quest 3 2000 cals recorded x 1

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What happened with day 7? :(


Also curious to hear what happened! Bad days happen (had a few myself at the end of week 1). Logging complicated stuff can be really frustrating - I know it's a struggle I have too.


Hope Week Two starts strong! Remember, the crew is here for you!



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I'm here I'm back....nobody panic, Revers aint got my Ta Ma Dhu hide yet! :D


Day 7 was a busy day of running around the house then out visiting family, we ended up being later than expected and was given dinner and drinks whilst there, we are all...just back from holiday/just going on holiday and they wont see me until after my birthday....yeah was a social day and not a training day...not sure if this is bad but im neither worried nor upset about missing a day...it was just a day and I can pick up where I left off. still made a 2lb loss for week one so im good with that.


so onto catch up!


Day 8 Summary:


Food good


30mins done


Day 9


Food bad, didn't pay enough to my counting, lunch was higher than normal/expected.


30mins done


Day 10


Food bad - I have started a bad habit at breakfast and need to get out of it :?


30 mins done


Missed opportunities (rolling forward)


Quest 1 30mins exercise x 2

Quest 2 Yoga x 1

quest 3 <2000cals x 3

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This challenge was a disaster for tracking!


was off on holiday for 10 days, did loads of walking, had a mix of good and bad eating so below is a summary.


30mins activity a day...I Know I completed more than half of the challenge time, it was in the low to mid 30s (of days) so 1/2 Marks. +1 str +1 Sta


Yoga...did 1 weekend...must try harder....no award


<2000 cals I am going to award mid high 20s of days...I found it difficult to track when making our own dinners and when on holiday I just gave up...however I know there were days where it wasn't high and bad consumption as we were so busy walking about having fun in London and when we were put up by friends and family it was all actually good home cooked meals....so am going to award half marks for this too. +1 Con

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