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Keeta's New Start


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Yup, I'm back. Tried this a few years ago and didn't manage to stick to it. But this time, I have new motivation! I am getting married in June or October of next year and I want to start my new life on the right foot (plus look awesome in my wedding photos of course ;) ). I am also starting a new job, closer to home, which means less time sitting in the drivers seat; a plus all the way around!


I am a 30 year old female, non-smoker.

On July 26, I weighed 187 lbs, at 4 ft' 9" tall.

According to the BMI Charts, I should weight between 91 lbs. and 115 lbs. To me, this is unrealistic right now, so I'm going to shoot for a more reasonable 130 by my wedding. That's 57 lbs. It can be done!


Main Quest(s):

Reach 130 lbs by June 2016

Reach 150-155 lbs by January 2016 so I can go wedding dress shopping!





I'm starting small this time. I'm not going to do something too demanding, because I want to be able to achieve all of my goals. 

Once I've gained confidence, I'll ramp up the intensity! :D 


1) Drink more water: According to Slender Kitchen (link below) I should be drinking a minimum of 125 oz of water, daily. Which is basically, a gallon.

I feel I will be making good progress if I manage this 5 days a week. 




2) Use my activity monitor daily: Wear it and accomplish the fitness goal 4+ days a week; minimum activity goal 7 days a week. 



3) Be in bed, lights out, no later than 10:30 on work nights, so I am well rested and have enough energy to accomplish the fitness goals!




Life Quest: Keep my room clean, including making my bed daily.



Other Facts about Keeta:

*I teach 1st grade. I'm starting at a new school this year.

*My interests include: music, reading, facebook, birding/bird watching, fiber arts, and....procrastinating ;)

*I am a diet pepsi and sugar addict. Future 6 wk goals(?): Reduce Diept pepsi to 20-24 oz daily, then 12 oz daily, then none; then work on sugar detox?


Starting Measurements:

Bust: 44 in.

Waist: 48 in.

Hips: 49 in.

Arm: 14 in.

Thigh: 29 in. 


Feel free to drop by and chat. Looking forward to a fresh start!

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Wow! This drinking water thing is hard. I may have to work up to a gallon. I gave a valient effort for my first day though. No done with today, but again, tried really hard. I think I will manage a gallon of liquid, however not a gallon of water, perhaps. Steps in the right direction though I suppose. 


Sleep didn't go well last night either. I tried, but I tossed and turned most of the night. 


But....success on the activity monitor front. I wore it all day yesterday and exceeded my fitness goal. Yay! Today I was in meetings most of the day and now it's raining (plus I didn't really sleep) so I'm thinking I won't meet the fitness goal today. At least I am going to meet the minimum activity goal though. Baby steps as they say...

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Looks like you had a good start.

I'm studying to become a primary school teacher, too. ;) And I'm a big procrastinator :(

Looking forward to seeing your progress in the next six weeks. A wedding is a great motivation.

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 I'm exercising, because I want to get my stamina and strength. I enjoy medieevil swordmanship,  Tai Chi, yoga, aikido and fire spinning. I'm also a roleplaying nerd and a book worm. Let's fight the procrastination dragon!

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How's your challenge going?


You might notice that someone has added a tag to your post.  This is not to box you into a corner but rather because your goals or lifestyle have links to the guild you've been tagged and we'd like to bring you to the attention of one of their guild ambassadors. These ambassadors will be able to offer you advice, encouragement and support on your goals.  You don't even have to wait around for them to come introduce themselves to you, you are more than welcome to pop into the Adventurers' board and introduce yourself to the guildies there. I am also around to answer any questions that you might have so do not hesitate to PM me.


Good Luck with your challenge

AB xx

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You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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Hey!  How goes your challenge?  


Fiber Arts, you say?  Yes!  What kind, what kind?  I'm a knitter myself.  Currently obsessed with socks, but also making a luchador stuffy for a friend's birthday right now and a lace stole to trade work with another friend.


For drinking water:  do you happen to have a smart phone?  There is an app called Plant Nanny that's helped me drink more water.  It gives you a cute little plant the gets watered as you drink and if you fail to drink it gets thirsty then withers.  So far I've taken pretty good care of my plants.  I don't know if something entertaining like that would help you or not  :playful:

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