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********* Assassin Guild Info, FAQs, Announcements *********

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Assassin Guild

Challenge Sign-Up Form


If this is your 1st Challenge on Nerd Fitness,

it's not time for you to join a Guild yet.

Head over to the Recruit forum by Clicking here.




Assassins, please click here & fill me out!







  • How do I join the Assassins' Guild?
    After you've finished your first 6-week Challenge with the Recruits, declare yourself an Assassin and then post your subsequent challenge threads in our guild. That's it!
  • Do I have to be lean to be an Assassin?
    No. While extra bodyweight does make performing many bodyweight-based skills more difficult, things being difficult is not something Assassins shy away from.  Assassins come in all shapes and sizes!
  • How advanced in my training do I have to be to join?
    Assassin skill levels range from complete beginners to advanced trainees in a huge variety of interests.
  • Do I have to do Parkour or be a Ninja Warrior contestant to be an Assassin?
    No!  The Assassin Guild has an extremely diverse population.  And most of us do far more than one thing!  In here you will find people doing calisthenics, gymnastics, dancing, weight lifting, yoga, rock climbing, circus arts, parkour, obstacle courses, and more!  
  • What does it mean to be an Assassin if there's so much variety?
    We Assassins love movement and fluidity, thrive off both competition and cooperation, and prize enjoyment of whatever we are doing; but most of all we are determined to be the masters of our own bodies.  We train anywhere, anytime, with anything, in whatever ways we think best (or are just plain fun).  The world is our playground!



If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to private message (PM) your Guild Leaders!




The currently active Assassin Guild Leaders are:



starsapart                                      Hazard                                     Batwoman


photo-30668.png?_r=1438368383               photo-26633.jpg?_r=1391225557              photo-21712.png?_r=1405341727



Don't be afraid to talk to us.  We only bite a little.








The Assassin Ambassadors seek out, assist, support, & encourage new potential Assassins among the Recruits.

They also teach Recruits about our guild and help to run the Assassin Initiates accountability group.


The current Assassin Ambassadors are:


      Elastigirl                       karinajean                         erosan                            mom2sjm


photo-3096.jpg?_r=1415736936     karinajean_zpsvtj1pgsc.png     photo-33838.jpg?_r=1426178189     photo-8846.jpg?_r=1357700183




                                 annyshay                        Toxophilite                           Lightning                                  


 photo-5333.png?_r=1436622555     photo-27274.jpg?_r=1393363848     photo-36574.jpg?_r=1432827425    



      mr_willes                                     Achaedia


photo-35977.jpg?_r=1422449534                   photo-34644.png?_r=1436817477







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