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[Level 1 Recruits] **** Assassin Initiates **** (Chat/Q&A)

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Welcome future Assassins!




The Assassin Ambassadors & Assassin Guild Leaders will be checking in on this thread regularly!!

In other words, this is great place to get our attention and ask us questions.


This is also a place to chat!

A place for you - Recruits who are thinking about becoming Assassins - to gather and get to know each other. Come in and make some friends among those you might be calling Guildmates in 6 weeks!


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Who are we Assassins?



We're a little bit nuts





But we get the job done





By whatever means we feel like






And you can join us!







Let's start things off with a question for you:



If you could be any Assassiny-type character, from any genre, in any type of media (book/tv/movie/comic) - who would you be, and Why?

(pictures encouraged!)



Would you be like Jackie Chan?  Why?






Would you be like Yoruichi?   Why?






Would you be like Mindy McCready?    Why?








Remember as you think of your answer, "Assassin" is a big concept!


It encompasses assassins, ninjas, climbers, gymnasts, traceurs, dancers, circus, and much more!






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You haven't seen my Final Form

I Stand With Gina Carano

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Hello all! Wonderful Monday to start a new challenge, eh?


Assassin-hopeful here. You can find a link to my current challenge and a bunch of other awesome stuff in my signature. :)


If I could be any type of assassin... 

I'm tempted to say Ezio from ACII, but I feel like there are other characters I'm just not remembering right now.


I'll take a rain check on that one.

Saera Windrunner, Level 1 Centaur Adventurer

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Be like Batman:


Beware the Carb Monster: 


Saera vs. the Frying Pan: 



"For anyone stuck in that terrible place between 0 and 1."

"How bad do you want it?"


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*waves* Another future assassin, I hope. I'm probably going to bounce around between guilds for challenges, but my primary focus seems to be with the assassins for now. 


Also drawing a blank on types of assassins I'd like to be besides Ezio and co. and Black Widow. Basically, they have a variety of skills that require a balance of strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, and using their environment to their advantage, which is what I'm going for! 

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Level 2 Elf Assassin

Dauntless | Slytherin | Scorpio | INTJ 

Current Challenge: 2 (Assassins)

Past Challenges: 1 (Recruit)


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Hello my fellow future Assassins, I wish you all good luck on your challenges, and I hope we all finish.



If I had to pick a assassin I would want to be it would have to be :


The Fourth Hokage: Minato Namikaze





Why: Because he is a person that never takes anything to seriously, but knows when to get serious, when the occasion calls for it.  I also love his inventive mind and that he excels in every area, you can excel in, in terms of being a ninja. 

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Human | Recruit | Magnificent Bastard 

[  Level: 0 | Str: 0 | Dex: 0 | Sta: 0 | Con: 0 | Wis: 0 | Cha: 0  ]

Current Challenge


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HELLO RECRUITS! happy day 1! :) super glad to see you in here.

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mermaid ninja assassin. on a motorcycle. with swords. and knitting needles. and kittens.


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Hello hello! If I could be any Assassin, I think it would be Jack Reacher (the book character -- please vanquish any thought of tiny Tom Cruise from your minds). I love him because he marches to the beat of his own drummer, doesn't let life rattle him, and is awesomely creative and calculating in using all available resources to get things done. 

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Hello hello! If I could be any Assassin, I think it would be Jack Reacher (the book character -- please vanquish any thought of tiny Tom Cruise from your minds). I love him because he marches to the beat of his own drummer, doesn't let life rattle him, and is awesomely creative and calculating in using all available resources to get things done. 

Good one!

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Hi! I was recommended here by another one of the guild members! If I could be any assassin I'd be Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed Black Flag, because if I'm gonna be an assassin, I'm gonna be a pirate assassin!

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My Epic Quest Challenge

Epic Assassin Quest


Assassin Recruit Level 0

STR 3 | STA 0 | DEX 1 | CON 3 | WIS 4 | CHA 1

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Awesome firefly reference, one of the reasons I love the NF community. I'm excited to join the assassins when this challenge is over!

If I could be an assassin from any genre is a tough question to answer but I've always thought of Knuckles as an assassin 38f2042649bc7d6a56a63dff0da51ac1.jpg

After all how else can you explain his awesome abilities to glide and climb walls, definitely an assassin hired by sonic and co to take on Dr. Eggman

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Sager Rager level:1

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

Were-Bear |  Rebel | Adventure Time

Character Battle Log

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Hey everybody... another future assassin here!  Hope all is well you your challenges.  As for my inspiring assassin I'd have to say Jason Bourne, from the movies.  Don't get me wrong I love the books, and have read most of them, but Matt freakin' Damon! Plus the awesome parkour chase scenes are freaking awesome!  Lovin' this site btw!

"With great power comes great responsibility"


My challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/69369-peterparkers-first-6-weeker/

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I'd have to go with Matt Damon's take on Jason Bourne.


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Level 2 Half-Ogre Rebel


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Lose 6 lbs total    |  2 lbs   |          |          |  

13 cups/day water   | ~10/day  |          |          |  

Read 3 books        | (nothing)|          |          |  


Main Quest:

Drop below 200lbs. Starting weight: 241lbs (12/15/2015) | Target: 199lbs

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Hey guys and gals.

Future Assassin here. There's so many assassins to chose as an inspiration choosing one is not enough.

The first assassin coming to mind is Ezio (almost cried when his story ended in revelations but shhh) his growth from hot blooded teen to a man with the right priorities is definitely something to aspire to.

The second one that comes to mind is Jason Bourne with his allroundness.

Last but not least Chun Woo Han from The Breaker for being a badass at the pinnacle of physical condition.

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My current 6 week challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/69454-challenge-11/#entry1584128


Bodyfat down to 12%%
Bodyfat down to 12%%
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Are there any assassins slash monks in here?


That's a cool combination ! But I'm not sure, if it would just be considered assassins because this guild kind of have it all ?

[ Rzqnzhf ][ Half-Elves ][ Level - 1 ]

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Setting Up the First Player

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world"

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Are there any assassins slash monks in here?

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That's a cool combination ! But I'm not sure, if it would just be considered assassins because this guild kind of have it all ?


I don't know about the new recruits, but I can think of at least two Assassin martial artists - you can check out karinajean and Kagetsukai on the Assassin boards. :)  I'm sure there are more - those are just the first two I thought of!

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🎪current challenge🎪

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"Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world." - Voltaire

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Future assassin here, and I got a quick answer to your question!


What assassin would I want to be?


*looks significantly at avatar*


The one and only, most badass assassin in the galaxy, of course!




Thane Krios!


Why? There are several reasons I admire this dude. To whit:


  1. Super stealthy. I love being stealthy. (I always end up playing a stealthy rogue in D&D. Because I'm the best at it.)
  2. Super sniper. I love sniping. (Reach out and touch somebody. If more media feature snipers, half the plots wouldn't work. They are super broken.)
  3. Deeply intelligent and knows his philosophy (And hey, I only got a 3.98GPA, and I debate about Aristotle, we share a lot in common.)
  4. Master in hand-to-hand
  5. Always wins a staring contest
  6. Attack of choice: Neck Snap.
  7. Cold blooded, clean, methodical and thorough. (If you get this quote, I give you ALL the cookies.)
  8. Well spoken. He can make killing you seem pretty reasonable.
  9. Absolute control of himself
  10. The definition of "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."
  11. Can toss people about with the POWER OF HIS MIND

I would love to be a total badass living weapon. Total control of my body is my dream come true. Don't speak unless you have something to say, be a representative of your nation (like the Assassins) and be nigh-uncatchable is pretty much everything I desire.


And the ability to win all the staring contests is also great, but I'll have to practice on that the hard way. I tried to toss a guinea pig with my mind, but then it peed in my lap, so I won't be doing that anymore.


Basically, it's all a really nifty pipe dream, but it's a goal to shoot for. ^_^


Other than Thane, I'd have to choose HK-47, the assassin robot from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.



Because body issues are for meatbags.

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Battle Log
Challenge Log
I made a mistake.

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Hello to you newbie assassins! Welcome to the rebellion!! I'm an Assassin hanging out with the Druids for this challenge, but will be back soooon!


Its week two time! Some of the shiny has probably worn off.


So assassins, report! How was your first week? Any successes or challenges so far? 


I'll start! My challenge kinda got off to a rough start with a sporadic camping trip in the middle of my week, but I'm liking most of my goals so far! Some need some tweaking, but I love doing yoga on my mat every morning



Level: 8   Race: Wood Elf   Class: Ranger at Heart -  Training with the Adventurers


Current Adventure: A New Hope

Past Challenges: 1st  âœ² 2nd âœ² 3rd ✲ 4th ✲ 5th âœ² 6th âœ² 7th  âœ² 8th âœ² 9th

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams†- Eleventh Doctor

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