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Those of you that cheer me on already know I got a Harley during the last challenge :D So I figured a Mad Max theme would be great this go around.  Fury Road is not for the weak, and neither is my challenge this go around.


Let's Ride...





Task 1: Prepare for War - The road is a dangerous place, one must be prepared to fight for what is yours in order to survive - Crossfit/Stronglifts/Weights 3 times a week.




Grading A: 3 times a week, B: 2 times a week, F: 1 time or less.


Task 2 - Embrace the Heat - The environment is not a nice place, stay hydrated and get used to it.  Drink a minimum of 60 oz a day, and walk outside at least twice a week.




Grading: A: All water and walks, B: Most water and all walks, C: Most water and one walk, F: Not enough of either



Task 3 - Eat to Survive (or Perform) - Nobody likes me when I am Hangry.




Macros to follow - 

Training Days    

Calories                2235

Protein (g)            150

Carb (g)                 240

Fat (g)                    75


Rest Days            

Calories                1835

Protein (g)            150

Carb (g)                 140

Fat (g)                    75




A: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) 6+ days a week

B: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) 5 days a week

C: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) 4 days a week

F: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) less than 4 days a week


Extra Credit : 1 productive day per weekend, I have been sitting on my ass far too often lately. 


Grading - If all 6 weekends I get a productive day I can boost 1 Task grade up a level.

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There you are! Awesome challenge!

Now if I can find Nic the Rugger I'll have my whole girlcrew subbed again :)

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So day 1 recap -

Outside walk and over 60oz water complete.

Crossfit was supposed to happen but the boyfriend derailed it by not thawing out the ground beef for dinner, so I couldn't make the dinner planned prior to leaving for my workout. So Tue/Thur/Sat which end up being more convenient times anyway. - Still on track

Macros - At the start of the day I had things planned out perfectly, but a different lunch truck showed up and my planned dinner wasn't made. Even with all of that I was only off by more than 10g on protein so I'm going to call it a win.

Calories Consumed 1813, Calories Burned 2252 (according to my fitbit charge hr)



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Work has decided to ruin most of my plans for this week so far -_- and I am not a happy camper.  I have yet to get my strength workouts in since I have had to stay late (huge project with a lot of visibility and they want all the bells and whistles in damn near no time).  Other than that hiccup things have been going well.  I will be dusting off the power rack under the car port at long as lightning doesn't show up, and walk #2 is planned over lunch.


I already have a list for meal prep for next week for breakfasts and lunches, and I am ice skating on Saturday which will be soooooo nice.  I am so sick of this heat, lol.



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Yesterday I had a nice workout.




Bench Press:  1 set 45lbs x 5, 1 set 65lbs x 5, 2 sets 75lbs x 5

Barbell Squat: 115lb x 5, 125lb x 5, 135lb x 5, 145lb x 5, 150lb x 3 (PR)

Deadlift: 115lb x 5, 135lb x 5, 140lb x 4, 140lb x 2

Overhead Press: 45lb x 5, 2 sets of 55lb x 5


My food tracking hasn't been the most fantastic but I am doing it more often then before.  Walks may have to happen during the weekend since work has been super crazy the past week and a half, but I am going to try to at least get one in on Friday depending on how sore I am from weights tomorrow.



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Another good workout this afternoon for lunch.  


I didn't really have a plan for when I got there so I did some light arms work since I covered a lot with the bench and overhead presses Tuesday, and then a decent bit of leg work.


I added 80lbs to the hack squat machine, the most I have ever put on their before.  I started with the rack for 12, and added twenty lbs and took away 2 reps for each set until I hit 80lbs for 4, then moved on to some other machines and my cooldown was the elliptical for 5 min.  Not a huge "gain" day but I still challenged myself.


Saturday I am going to see if I am up for AM Crossfit, but I really don't like morning workouts of that intensity... At least I could take a nap after, lol.



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Last week recap - 


Food hasn't been on point this challenge so far, and cider... of the hard variety kept finding it's way into my shopping cart.  I put a stop to that this weekend, so I am hoping to be more on track from now on - F for the week


Workouts - 2 weight days completed - B for the week


Embracing the Heat - No walks, but I did pull weeds for a hour on friday so I am counting that - Water has been ok for the most part but cider took up some of the space - C for the week


In other news I will be going home for labor day, this is adding to my drive for this challenge, so hopefully I make some gainz and losses :)





Embraced the heat, now I am dieing, lol.  I upped my game and did 3:3 min intervals, fast and then slow for my usual distance at lunch.


I also meal prepped some good post weight day lunches for this week last night - shredded slow cooked chicken with red beans and white rice. Breakfasts will be made this evening, because even though I am getting terribly sick of hard boiled eggs if I don't have them breakfast doesn't seem to happen at all.



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So a quick update for yesterday - My gym's owner texted me like where the hell have you been, so I went and did the cardio/strength class.  It kicked my ass, BUT my partner and I killed it.  We finished first in every grouping which included - One person on wall sit while the other does 10 burpees, then switch, each person completes 4 full sets - Next was 3 set of 12 (10 mountain climbers and the 1 dumbbell lunge) - Wall sit with other person doing 4 push ups, each person completes 4 sets - and then crunches together with legs inside or outside the other persons 3 sets of 8.  This was after our warm up and beginning half of the class so yeah, completely dead by the end of the day.


Today will be weights at home, I was originally going to go to the gym but it's not supposed to rain today so I rode the bike into work :D



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So after the ride home I was exhausted and sore, so I took the day off and headed to the gym for lunch today.


Awesome things I did today:


Made myself breakfast before I went to work, sweet potato patties with scrambled eggs and a bit of mozzarella on top


Actually at my pre workout meal (granola)


PR of 155 on squats for 5 reps


Did not cave and get the food truck that I like, and instead at my red beans, white rice, and chicken lunch that I brought in because it's my post workout macro based meal.



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Update for last night - Went to a cardio class after I got home from work as well.

Today I'm in a dress, VIPs are going to be in the office so I won't be able to go jogging since I cool down at my desk and eat lunch before I change. I think today will be a full on rest day besides my 2pm walk around the parking lot to keep me awake... If its not raining by then.



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Last week wrap-up


2 of 3 strength sessions - B

1 of 2 outside walks and good on water - B

Meals weren't tracked and I drank too many calories - F


I did manage to get some decent cleaning done around the house, so my productive day happened.


This Week -


My outside walks aren't going well due to the weather down here, and I have decided to try a more HIIT style of cardio so I am changing this from 2 outside walks to 3 HIIT sessions minimum per week (inside or outside, because HIIT in the heat is not always a wonderful idea)


I threw a bunch of chicken things in my crockpot last night before bed, and woke up early to nuke my sweet potatoes in my potato bag, so lunches are all done for the week (8 oz chicken breast and a small 80ish gram sweet potato).  Friday is a re-feed/leg day so instead of that for lunch I get 900 degrees pizza, it's a food truck that is here only once a month, and their pizza is fantastic.


Since I got up early and was working on lunches I cooked myself breakfast, and will be making the rest of my breakfasts (2 eggs and 3 chicken apple sausage links) tonight.


I am starting an actual weight program because while I have gotten to the gym a decent amount I haven't had much direction.  I am happy with gains, but I would like more structure.  I recently bought a few books, and one had a companion book with actual workouts for each week (the book has it in a 5 weight sessions a week format, but I am combining a few so that I have 3).  It's "The one year challenge for women: fitter, leaner, stronger in 12 months".  I also have the book that it's companion to, while I like strong curves stuff I am lazy, and this one has all the workouts written out in the form of a workout journal so I just put weights and reps in and call it good, lol.


Today is day one, so I will have an update when I get back from the gym around lunch time.



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Workout - 8/17


Incline Barbell Bench Press - Warm- up sets 12 reps at 45# and 10 at 45# - 3x8 - 65#


Incline Dumbbell Press - 3x8 20lb Dumbbells


Barbell Deadlift - Warm up set - 12 reps at 95# - 3x8 - 155# first set 125# for sets 2 and 3


Barbell Squat - 3x8 at 115#


Barbell Row - 3x8 at 75#


Dumbbell Row - 3x8 each side with 25# 


I will be doing an ab video tonight to round everything out.



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Yesterday I went on a long walk outside during lunch, it was supposed to be intervals but my lower back was sore from weights the day prior so I wasn't able to get through them.  Hit about 12k steps total for the day, was completely exhausted when I got home so cereal was breakfast... not the greatest meal ever but it was better than the KFC I was thinking of getting for takeout.


Today work is trying to derail me, and it will be doing the same tomorrow as well.  I have someone to train to day, and tomorrow we have our communications lunch.  Today I may be able to make it to the gym, but tomorrow's walk will for sure be missed (at least during lunch time).  My plan is to go to my cardio gym and take a class or 2 that night.  It's close enough to HIIT for me to count it.



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I did in fact get to the gym yesterday for lunch though I didn't grab my notes this morning so I can't write out the whole workout.


I did close grip bench, military press, lateral raises, alternating dumbbell curls, ez curl barbell bicep curls... and I don't remember what else but my arms do in fact feel sore today.


I will be skipping out on my HIIT day due to too much to get done at the house (but hey, pulling weeds and cleaning will burn some calories), and I have scheduled workouts both sat/sun at my cardio gym.  And I will be at least taking 1 walk around the parking lot today to get some extra steps in as well as some fresh air.


I am really happy with my week so far, and hope to keep up with the consistency so I lose a couple pounds before I go home for Labor day and see family.  And while it's only been 2 workout days the journal has helped so much, I am excited to fill it out and see what it looks like in a few months/a year from now.



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I had a really solid weight training week last week that lead to a 175 lb 1 rep squat PR.  But lower back pain, which was flaring up a lot yesterday unraveled my cardio.  I did however clean/do chores for over 4 hours yesterday, which also resulted in the house looking the nicest it has since I moved in with Ben over a year ago.


Today I am feeling exhausted still, so I am shifting training to Tue/Thurs and adding legs to both days for the week.


I am really happy with my PRs, and now I officially can squat more than I weigh!



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So last week I didn't do so well workout wise but I made gains in the house cleaning dept.

We also were thrown a curve ball Saturday in the form of an abandoned puppy. Some asshole that doesn't deserve to breath threw the little one out of the window of his bro truck and into our chain link fence. She has a gash on her head and a sever skin infection, but she is our little Echo now and has a home filled with a pack of mini beasts.


I've been fighting the beginnings of a cold for two days now making it difficult to have energy in general let alone enough for workouts but I'm hoping I'm back in the game soon, especially since Ben and I fly home to MI on Friday.



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So!  so much has happened :D  Not exactly fitness related completely but also life related too.


Ben and I have decided we are done with the city life and the rat race in general, so for the next 2 years we will be paying off all our debt and then moving up to the woods in MI.  He wants to start a rural high speed internet thing, we may look into a B&B in the woods with hot tubs, hunting and fishing, and we have plenty of other ideas to boot.


And while I know this challenge is over today is my first official day with my powerlifting trainer!  I am super excited, and during the consultation last week he said I had really great form and flexibility so I was very stable.  He showed me a few tweaks which made a crazy difference in my form in a good way so I know I will be making serious gains with him coaching me.  


So overall, my vacation was great, I am going to move to the woods in 2 years, and I am going to be a power lifter!



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