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Matt's "Get Back To Me" Challenge


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Hello folks. It's been a long time since I've stumbled back into the NerdFitness forums with a challenge; too long. I need to get myself back into some semblance of "fit" and I need a starting point. Enter the newest six-week challenge.


I am starting this challenge at a disappointing 253 pounds (weighed in this morning at home, will use this scale to loosely track my progress). This challenge isn't necessarily about losing weight, that's going to come. It's about prioritizing!



Life Goal

Find consistency and stop making excuses for continuing to engage in bad habits



Challenge Goal #1: Lower gluten intake and avoid unnecessary calories.


This one is my greatest flaw. I'm awful when it comes to just snacking for the sake of snacking because I'm bored and want to just eat. Drinking a lot of calorie and suger-filled soda when some Fruit Punch-flavored water will satisfy just fine. My wife and I are both trying to lower our intake of breads and bread-ish type foods throughout the day, and saving for a little bit in the evenings with our dinner.


Challenge Goal #2: Finish what you start at the gym and on the roads.


I'm good about getting going and going to the gym a couple of times and feeling good, or getting out running, but then I just fall off the wagon and get run over by it completely. Stop being lazy, get your butt in gear. It's asking an hour of your day to just go be active. I may swap out gym / running day for other physical activities, but let's keep busy shall we? The plan is to lift three days a week, run three days a week. Lift - Run - Lift - Run - Lift - Run - Rest.


Challenge Goal #3: Do the work my wife keeps mentioning and I keep putting off.


Clean out and prep several items in the house that my wife is wanting to get out of the house, including a couple of dressers into the garage and some items taken to Goodwill.




So there we go. Let's hope this challenge gets my rear in gear heading into the fall. We have family vacation in about three weeks and I'm just thoroughly embarrassed by where I am physically. So, do something.

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Day 1 check-in (Monday).


Food choices were fine throughout the day. One Mountain Dew during the day. Evening was not great but not terrible either, shared some buttery popcorn with wife so that was worst choice made.




Squat 5x5 - topped out at 190

Bench 5x5 - topped out at 165

Barbell Row 5x5 - topped out at 125


Also threw in bar curls and triceps pushdowns.



Today (Tuesday) is a running day, will try to report in tonight.

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Evening jog last night (Tuesday) - damn hot out (90 degrees) and could feel my legs screaming at me for the squats from Monday.


Did 3.31 miles in 44:54 (13'33" average). Quite a bit of walking in there which contributes to the awful time (awful to me, could do much better) but I got out.


Another lifting day today, have to make sure I stretch plenty throughout the day as the thighs are just screaming at me.

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Wednesday's weightlifting workout:


Thrusters (Dumbbells) 5x5 - topped off at 40 lbs.

Deadlifts 5x5 - topped off at 165 lbs.


Also threw in some pulldowns, front DB raises, and side DB raises.


Thursday's running occurred on the treadmill (hanging with kids in the basement) - 2.66 miles in 33:17.


Another lifting day on Friday, diet's been okay aside from some soda lapses. Been avoiding the breads throughout the week which has been nice.

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Week 1 check in:


The weekend was rough, lots of bad food choices with cookouts and family gatherings and what-not. Just need more discipline.


Did get in my Friday lifting workout:


Squat 5x5 (205)

Bench Press 5x5 (175, got that up 4 times; couldn't get the fifth)

Bent-over Row 5x5 (100, used a different bar this week, not the standard barbell)


Throw in some curls (70) and triceps pushdowns (110).


Saturday I took as an off day (did some yard work, and family cookout in the evening).


Sunday a little over a two-mile run / walk. Stomach cramped up pretty bad at the beginning of the run (about 1 mile) and I just couldn't keep going, so walked the rest.


Weighed in this morning, 252. Forward we go.

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