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The Return of Mobius

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Hello my fellow purveyors of stabbity death,

I ended up not doing a challenge last time due to some family issues but those have largely resolved themselves now so I’m back with a shiny new challenge!


Primary Goal: Lose 150lbs (55lbs to go!)


Goal 1: Step up my workouts: While I’ve kept with them since I’ve joined they have become a bit of a chore at times and I need to breathe a bit of new life into them. My goal is to continue my bodyweight workouts 3-4x/week adding reps to each set at least 2x/week. Also, find at least 2 new exercises to add to my overall workout routine.


Goal 2: Broaden my Paleo palate: I’ve been keeping to the Paleo diet since 12/01/2014. While the results have been great (not just weight loss wise) I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut as busy people often do with cooking. My goal this time around is to try at least 1 new Paleo friendly dish each week. Bonus if I find recipes for vegetables I’m not familiar with.


Goal 3: Walking or something new: My daily walking has fallen off a bit due to the summer temperatures (though I must confess that I’m suffering WAY less in the heat this year than I have in recent memory) and I wanted to stop that. My goal is to walk for at least 20-30 minutes/day 4-6x/week rather than just adding extra steps to everything I do (which I will continue doing I just want to resume a set walking time to make sure I do it). As I side goal I plan to look into alternative activities to keep me active but of an indoor variety. Perhaps getting back into Aikido or something similar; I’m also open to suggestions.


Secondary Goals:


Secondary Goal 1: Money management: For the next 6 weeks I want to keep my spending on anything other than necessities to a minimum. I plan to keep a stricter budget and my goal is to make no purchases other than essentials for the next 6 weeks.


Secondary Goal 2: Sociability: Being in excess of 400lbs is phenomenal at making one a hermit. Now that I no longer am in excess of 400lbs I need to start remembering how to be a human being once more. Therefore my goal is to go out and do one highly social activity each week that is not work-related or simply having friends come over to hang out.


Secondary Goal 3: Improving my credit score: One of my major goals this year is to improve my credit score. Therefore my goal this challenge is to set up a schedule and ensure that I pay all of my bills on or before the due date.


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Ugh. I’ve been incredibly bad about keeping up with my challenge thread this time around. My work’s “NO FUN OF ANY KIND†filter has recently been updated and Nerd Fitness is now an off limits website. I’ve been keeping to my goals for the most part but it’s been hard. I’ve hit a sort of blah wall where my motivation is sorely lacking. Fortunately I’ve been able to force myself to not lose any ground though I’m not pushing my workout regimen as hard as I should. I intend to change that though and this week I’ve been adding reps to each set with regularity. I also got a bit down on myself as this was the first month that I’d weighed myself and not had significant weight loss. I haven’t gained anything but I was hoping to have lost the 4 lbs needed to hit 100lbs lost. I think that part of that is because I haven’t been walking as much as I’d like due to the heat. I’ve been trying not to beat myself up about it though. I’ve lost 96lbs in 8 ½ months and that’s not nothing. I was initially angry at myself but then I stopped myself and reminded myself that I was wearing a pair of 48/30 pants as opposed to the 56/30 that I’d been wearing for 7-8 years and a shirt that I hadn’t been able to wear in over a decade and that made me feel a bit better. I’ve made a tremendous amount of progress and I’m not going to run myself down over something that I just need to see as a prod to do better. I’m already planning what I want to get for my next tattoo which I plan to get to reward myself when I hit the 100lbs mark. I need to do this and I have no intention of going back. I’m past the 50% point of my ultimate goal of losing 150lbs and I mean to get as close to that goal as humanly possible!

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I am still here I've just been a ghost of late. I still need to tally up my scores from the last challenge and I'll make a post about that. I just didn't want people to think I'd fallen off the face of the earth. I had just gotten in the habit of updating this site from work but I can no longer do that. I'll try to be better about it. I've missed this place.

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