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Murphy's Roommate - Time to Climb!

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I skipped out on the last challenge.


Perversely, I got a ton of stuff done.  I installed a deadlift pad in my garage (the really glorifies the act of flopping down a horse stall mat), got enough free weights to deadlift, got all my radio stuff and activated my first summit (Mt. Herman out here in Colorado Springs).  Been re-staining my back deck and doing other random household admin work.  I also threw a shindig for some work related stuff and ended up with a house full of food and beer, with the predictable results. 


My goals get simpler every time through, as I realize that when you don't have the basics, the rest doesn't matter as much.


Eating - gotta get that back under control.  I have a tri-tip to get going, and then I have a few culinary experiments to attempt.  Cooking more is better.  Less fast food is better.


Routine - walk the dog 2x a day, deadlift 2x a week, go to bed on time and get up on time.


Summits On The Air - activate as often as possible - min of 2 times this challenge.  Yes, there will be pictures.


My side quest is clearing my garage.  It has gotten chaotic. 


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Some wins, some losses.


Deadlift session #2 is unlikely to occur.  Upper back has been locking up momentarily as I recover from the previous session.  Any advice?


Missed double tapping the walks on Friday, instead the dog got to play with other dogs for an hour.  My neighbors greatly appreciated letting their juvenile German Shepherd hang out with my mature GS.  Role model, that kind of thing.


Wins - other days had 2x walks with dog, even today.  Eating has improved.


Summits on the Air - I activated Ormes Peak today, and one of the folks who was nice enough to come along took pictures!




Missed the trailhead, made our own trail.  Dogs loved it.




Nice view of Pikes Peak!






Made contacts in California, Arizona, and Texas.  Not too bad for a hasty antenna setup.  I don't so much have a Summits on the Air setup as I have a mobile base station - which is 25 of the 35lbs I carried up the hill.




Of course, the dog was trying to help in his own strange way.  Can't complain as he didn't eat anything he wasn't supposed to - that I know of - this time - I just jinxed myself - crap.


I made enough contacts to activate the peak, have proven that my kit works, and I plan to try and get one almost every weekend I can. 


 - Murphy's Roommate

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The struggle, continues. 


Doing better on most things but whooo....  When I finally saw my deadlift form, Merry Christmas, that was horrible.  Rounded back, but shooting up, whole 9 yards of poor form.  Sure, I got 2x265, but I won't be doing that again.  Time to get my self sorted out on sucking less there - thankfully I have a very squared away guy to ask. 


In other news, I will be in Denver the 22nd for a few hours in the late morning.  Going to set up my radio on one of the local parks, talk to a few folks, catch some lunch, then transform and roll out to the Cigar Festival, then punch down to ABQ.


Missed two days with the dog, getting better though - the local park is a bit of a rattlesnake mine field, but  you can't have everything.


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Yep - consequences from that bad form.  Upper back is not playing well with me.  Been foam rolling like a fiend to help clear that up. 


It turns out my friend's dog got bit by a rattlesnake last week.  We didn't think the dog actually got hit, walked about 2.5 miles, and when they got their dog home it suddenly dropped out.  Long story short - their dog lived, but it was rough for a while.  I have been a bit more cautious in my walks. 


This has just been a messy weekend.  Time to get back on the win train and geddy up!


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Halfway through the week. 


I have bacon wrapped chicken on the grill, my eating has improved dramatically over the last week.


Back is still not right.


Walks are still one a day, tomorrow will be better!


Looking forward to doing a short activation this Saturday, then hitting the Rocky Mountain CIgar Festival.  It will be good.


 - Murphy's Roommate

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So, more walking fails, but such is life.
Tabata squats today, suffering ensued.  And then I walked the dog.  Perhaps I didn't sequence those very intelligently.
Adding to my HAM radio capability - I will be waiting for the UPS delivery man eagerly. 
I haven't gamed in ages - I was badly spoiled by my gaming group in college.  It is unlikely I will ever find their equal, and with good reason.
In that vein...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUMCIn2swTU


Crap, I need to learn to embed videos.


In other news, I found someone who may be willing to cut ballistic steel (with a water jet - torching the steel leads to variances in hardness which in turn leads to unwanted penetration, so to speak).  Depending on what they quote, I may get my hands on a 2.5 ft diameter slab of fairly bullet resistant steel.  What could I ever do with that?  :pirate:


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Back has improved dramatically.  Life is getting better.


Some idjit did tabata squats the day before he was supposed to hike a tiny "mountain" just outside of Denver.  That same knucklehead went for the glory the next day in 90 degree heat and was gloriously over dressed for it.  Yep, made it, (711 ft worth of up and then back down, 3.75 miles round trip, 30lb pack) made some great contacts (worked two stateside summits!) but got a little bit dehydrated.  Lots of water later, the next day, I felt quite a bit better. 


This Monday was my first run in ages, that wasn't strictly nice, but I am getting back on the track, working on getting my run times to where they need to be for a test next month.


I continue on - no mountains this weekend, I am working, but next weekend, who knows!


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Contrary to popular belief, the kick squad did not succeed. 


Life has been, entertaining.  Between the dog tearing off a canine (leading to a root canal), and then having to be treated for Botfly's, and me pulling some super awesome 12 hour shifts at work, well, things could have gone better.  But they didn't.  As such, time to stay up at the plate and keep on swinging, you can't hit the ball from the dugout.


Had a very nice hike with co-workers today, short 2 miles.  However, someone forgot to put on sunscreen.  I am now demonstrating the classic tanlines of someone who wears sunglasses and a ball cap.  I am a crispy critter.


However, I will get myself a hat with more coverage, hydrate, and try to get out on Sunday to get some more Summits on the Air action going.


Onwards and sideways...


 - Murphy's Roommate

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