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WxStormer is back and seeking a respawn...

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Alas, I am back as an Adventurer after a failed series of missions as an Assassin.  My cache of lives have been consumed and I am seeking a respawn point on this journey of life.


So this I am going to mix things up and try to pick up the pieces and start over.  My current motivation is to be in shape and capable of doing a 5K in September, marching a halftime with the Longhorn Alumni Band on September 19, and survive the hills (and Amy's bootcamp) at Camp NF 2015.  This time I need to kick butt and take names.


My current stats?  I've gained weight, but I've lost body fat, but I'm not happy with either.   = 46% body fat.  It's better than 52% like I was before, but I have gained back 30 pounds over last year even though I have been active.  My diet is still kinda screwed up.  My diet primarily consists of meat with little else.  I've started making stew more often to increase my vegetable amounts and eating fresh local fruit.  I can make a change.  I want to be around 350 at the time of camp, which is a makeable goal if I keep up with things.


My strength training baseline?  I went to the gym tonight and did a series of squats, presses, and benches and then cursed myself out for how I have let myself fall.

Squat:  145 pounds.  (I was at 205 earlier this year)

Bench:  115 pounds (I was at 145)

Press:  95 pounds (I was at 125)

Deadlift:  140 pounds (I was at 180 earlier)

Hack Squat:  175 pounds (I was at 240 earlier)

So my goal in this cycle is to at least be back to where I was before I became a slacker.  So this means at least three nights in the gym.


As for walking/jogging/running, I've had a goal to do at least 70K steps a week. The problem that I have is that I need to increase the intensity of my walking because I generally don't raise my pulse rate significantly while walking.  However, increasing the intensity may come at the cost of maintaining my step count (see more about this below).  I do not get a significant amount of steps in at work (usually 1500~2000 steps at the most), so most of these steps occur in evening walks alone at the skate park or when I walk my dog.  However, this doesn't leave me much free time for the gym or swimming (to get my step count up, I have to do 2~3 miles usually, which will take close to a hour considering the drive and the speed of my walk).


Since it is Summer and Texas is oppressively hot, I've gone to the gym to do water aerobics at the expense of stopping my strength training.  I need to balance this better.  Things get a lot easier in the fall when it gets to be cool again, but that is still months away.


So for this challenge:


Quest 1:  Use Starting Strength to get my strength training back in shape.  Also, within 15 minutes of me waking up the second time in the morning (there is a story in this, but you have to ask me about it in person), do a regimen of bodyweight activities to loosen me up and keep me limber. 


Quest 2:  Walk/Jog/Run as I can, but don't make 10K steps a must every day if it comes at the expense of other activities.  Increase the intensity by increasing my stride or speed, or actually start interspersing a jog or run into my walks.  I tend to do these after dark around 10:30~12:00 to avoid the heat.


Quest 3:  Stop eating out and eating crap (I meant to use a different more stronger word, but want to keep this PG).  Increase the vegetable and fruit count and decrease snacks.  Increase water consumption.


I need an accountability partner.  I need someone who can proverbially kick my butt when I'm slacking.  Positive reinforcement doesn't seem to work for me and I need bluntness for motivation.


I hope this challenge goes better than the last two.  :) 

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