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Stop/continue lifting or do something else?

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Hey. So I just got back from a doctor (orthopedist) because I was there for my regular check up, because I have f.cked up back. And he said that I should swim and do some BW exercises for back and that I shouldn't lift heavy weight.. So right now, I really don't know what to do.. I am bulking on SL 5x5 with accessory and I like it, want to complete at least those 12 weeks, but on SL you have to lift heavy, you can't lift some light weights.. So I really don't know if I should continue working out in the gym, or if I should transfer to calisthenics or idk.. Would it be even possible to gain weight (of course mainly muscle) on calisthenics?? 

Oh god, fml..

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Speaking from personal experience... Back injuries are not to be dicked around with, and strength training is not a race. If you've injured yourself, please follow your doctor's advice for recovery - the plates will patiently await your return and you'll make better gains when you're not compromising form to compensate for your injury.

If you have a pre-existing condition, like scoliosis, it may be possible to train "around" the condition and even improve it through heavy lifting, but guidance from a good physical therapist would be advisable. I have a friend on MFP who has made incredible progress this way despite major back issues. She's a badass beast, but she trains with endless patience and a healthy respect for her spine.

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Ask your doc for a referral to an expert on sports medicine, and get a second opinion.


Meanwhile, if the doc says no heavy lifting, then don't do heavy lifting.  Why would you go to an expensive professional for advice and then not do what s/he says?  Bulking can wait, but screwing up your back can make you miserable for months, or years, or even the rest of your life.

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I think I explained myself wrong.. I had scoliosis when I was younger but now he says that it has gotten better.. 


Aaaah. May I suggest this thread for reading. This one has lupus, not scoliosis -- my mistake there -- but her takeaways have been the same. Patience and persistence, and working closely with good physical therapists to work out a plan that makes progress possible. I hope enough of the details are in the thread.


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