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Engineering Team (Assassins Mini Challenge)

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I've looked at the BBWW before, but never done it. I decided that I'd do it today to try and help out the numbers, but was expecting it to be tough on my legs (I'd already been out for a run this morning, then done a very leg heavy work out for my in home parkour course). I wasn't wrong, my legs hated me for doing this, the walking lunges turned out to be the hardest, the last set was hardand made my legs wobble a little.


3 sets done - 8min 16sec


I know they don't count, but I have been adding burpees to the spreadsheet too. I want to see what I do in the last week and see if I would have been able to hang (or even get close) with Trewest and Toxophilite if I had been an engineer. So I may do a few more sets of burpees today, but other than that I think my body deserves a rest now.


I'll try to get a BBWW set done each day until sunday.

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When I first started NF, my workout was the BBWW. I couldn't do all the exercises, and took long breaks between.When I first joined NF, I couldn't do the jumping jacks because it made my ankles sore. I thought it would be fun to try today. I was able to finish, but I was really out of breath, and can't  say much good about my form in that last set. 


3 sets- set 1 and 2

20 BW squats

10 pushups

10 ring rows

20 walking lunges

30 s plank

30 jumping jacks


set 3

changed pushups to decline and rows to 35 lb kb rows

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