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Weapons/Shields Team (Assassins Mini Challenge)


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Okay, okay, so we're done, but I have a form check video and darn it, I am sharing it! I've never done this before today!!!!

What?!? First time?!? That was solid!

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Level 32 Minifig Jedi Assassin

Current Challenge  | Battle Log | "Epic" Quest

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"A man who wants to do something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse." -Stephan Dolley, Jr.

"You don't get stronger by skipping workouts." - me, to myself, about 3 times a week

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Still allowed to show off?  :)



That height has a mental barrier to it and it took a while to gain enough confidence to not put the hand down to stabilize it.

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Classless Human Male Warrior - Introduction

Height: 1.77m Weight: 93 kg



Current Maxes: (repsxkg)

Squat: 10x122.3, 5x138.2, 3x147; 1x170

Bench Press: 10x79, 5x93, 1x102

Deadlift: 10x152, 5x192, 3x210, 1x229

Overhead Press: 10x52, 5x61, 1x70.3

Current Battle Log: 1707 Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program

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That was pretty awesome Sam. The added difficulty of the wobbly bench gives bonus points :)

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Barbarian Assassin / Level 5



STR: 16.5 | DEX: 4.8 | STA: 8.9 | CON: 8.7 | WIS: 6.6 | CHA: 6.8




My Current Six Week Challenge - Jrosto - A Barbarian Cleans Up His Act




Previous Challenges - #1, #2, #3, #4




My NF Introduction Post : My MDA Journal : My MDA Phase 1 Success Story




Simple & Sinister Workout Log




Keep Calm and Send in the Penguins!


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