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Newbie overdid it; how long to recover?

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hi, I've recently/just started Zombies Run 5k training app. I started on the standard App and did the first run. While I ended up having to walk a fair chunk of it intermittently I really enjoyed it and decided to get the 5k training which I again am really enjoying it.

The problem is I am now on the second session and I've had to break off before the end (10 minute free run at your pace) because my lower legs are in pain. The pain is slowly fading as I type this but I've clearly overdone it.

Before today I had a slight ache in my legs but dismissed it but that's clearly why it is so bad now; how long should I wait to recover while minimising any loss of progress?

It's obviously a bit disheartening to be struggling so early on and I'm growing very self conscious about my state of fitness feeling that my friends as well meaning as they are are waiting for me to fail and drop back to my couch potato habits. That said I'm dedicated to this goal so I want to keep on target as best as possible despite my set back; just not overdo it and end up worse than I started.

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Well, that sort of depends what sort of pain it is, which you may not know yet.  Sounds like it may be DOMS from your first run.  In that case you want to gently push through it.  Like take brisk walks to use the muscles that hurt and get blood flowing into them so they improve.  DOMS is kind of a full ache in most of the muscle that hurts worse when you use that muscle and is normal.  Once you are used to exercise you will still get it if you change something (like run a hillier area, go much farther or faster, etc) but you won't ave DOMS frequently. For me DOMS typically lasts a couple days and can slow down intense work but I can jog through it.  YMMV


If it is something more acute (sharper pain, more intense than you can bear) then it may require more rest.  


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That could well be it, I'll read up on it to be sure. I was able to push through for most of it but towards the end the pain was causing my legs to sieze up a bit which was enough to seriously mess up my form as well so I felt I was at risk of further injuring myself.

Thanks for the advice :)

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