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So I am a new member here at the nerd rebellion and have just started to do the beginner body weight workout every other day with a light cardio day between to keep myself active and on track. (I'm a student, I have a lot of free time).


Currently I have really bad DOMS in my legs and arms, I have tried ice baths/ice packs and heating pads (hot/cold alternating every 10 mins) to relieve some of the symptoms and speed my recovery.


Just curious if there are any other ways to help relieve DOMS other than those two methods??? 

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DOMS is worst when you've just done something your body's not used to. After you've been doing a new workout routinely for a few weeks, it usually fades a bit. As long as it's a constant ache-y thing, not a sudden sharp stabby thing, you should be fine. Just don't wait until you're totally free of soreness to work out again, or you're likely to find yourself in a perpetual state of soreness.

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