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Maintaining during chaotic weeks

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These next few weeks, my goal is just to try and work on keeping as healthy a diet as possible.


Currently, my house is going through a kitchen remodel and we are being provided food by members in my community. So, there isn't much control over what is given to us. I will track my portions and focus on only eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. I've slipped into snacking more often, so I am going to focus this time on limiting the times I eat to when I am actually hungry and not because I am bored or anxious.


Also, in a few weeks I am moving across the country, so at that point, I will focus on building my batcave to be as helpful as it can be. For these next 6 weeks I will be living in three houses, so this is a time for me to step up my game and start new healthier habits.


With all of the transitions coming, I am tabling leveling up my exercises until I can establish a routine in my new place. There is too much crazy right now to add anything new.  


Here's to big life changes! Woot!

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Oh wow, that's a lot to handle. Good luck with all of it!

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Sounds like you have quite a bit going on.  How well have you been eating during all the transitions?  I know that for me I have found that I am a stress eater, and I have also found that changes lead me to much stress.  


I know that there is also quite a bit of physical activity in the process of moving, so do not discount the activity you are doing that is not "working out".  


hope everything is well, and look forward to seeing you back once things get settled and stable.  



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