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Greetings from a new druid


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being completely new I believe an introduction is in order.


Let's start with the basics:
I'm Michael, live in Hildesheim a little city in Germany, am 30 years old and primarily work as a yoga teacher (I do some IT consulting and sound bowl massage on the side).
Besides that I'm part of the advisory council of a German Online Gaming Community (because sometimes that ist more interesting than gaming itself) and active in local politics (because I firmly believe that in order to change something you have to get involved first).
Oh and I'm a member of a real life druid order.


And a little bit of personal history:
2010 while still studying Social Pedagogics and Organisational Management I decided to start a 4 year Yoga Teacher Certification Training. Unfortunately I had severe trouble finishing my university studies due to psychic blocks and the knowledge that most of the necessary work was pretty pointless, which wasn't very easy on me mentally and had a negative impact on my Life as a whole. Fortunately the more intense yoga practise helped to offset this problem and after finishing the Certification in 2014 (I'm now a certified yoga teacher with the Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland [German Yoga Union] and the European Yoga Union) and I decided to stop studying and focus on yoga full time. Which I have been doing for the last six months, working in my family’s yoga institution and for the Volkshochschule (German supplementary education institution for adults) and did some IT Consulting & PC Service and sound bowl massage on the side.
Last month I moved into a new apartment (still have to finish installing the kitchen sink and stove) and have some time to refocus and renew myself before yoga classes start again in September. This is especially important since I will be starting a new education (necessary to get my yoga classes approved by the German health insurance companies) at the same time causing me to be in school from 8 to 13pm and teaching yoga classes in the evening and afternoon afterwards for the next year. Therefore the next year is going to be quite a challenge in and by itself.

Which leads me to the challenge and my main quest for the next weeks: Get back into a physically and mentally balanced state (which I have been working on for the last year).
This translates into the following goals for this challenge:

  1. Daily yoga and meditation practise
  2. Daily walking or running outside (>30 minutes each day; >2 hours each week in the forest)
  3. 8 hours of sleep each day
  4. Continue changing diet towards a paleo diet (I'm mostly there but from time to time I slip into old habits, which I'll avoid from now on)
  5. Find a sustainable bodyweight training routine

And as a side quest I decided to improve my mental flexibility by learning about something new each day (I regularly spend at least 1 hour each day learning, but mostly regarding work or Hobby related subjects, which does improve skills and knowledge but doesn't necessarily improve one's horizon). In addition to learning something new by sitting or standing comfortable at home I will also try to be more social (which can lead to new learning experiences as well).

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Hi there! Welcome aboard! I'm Aena, your neighbourhood yoga addict and all-around "zen" enthusiast. I'm also doing a daily yoga challenge. I like the idea of your side quest. I might have to consider that for my next challenge. Anyways, feel free to pm me if you feel like a chat - and can't wait to see how your challenge goes! I've subbed. :)

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An other yoga teacher! - how cool! I've spoted some of those around here. So you are in great company:)

I love your side quest as well, I might steal (or borrow?) it in the future...

Wishing you all the best of luck with your challenge:)

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An other yoga teacher! - how cool! I've spoted some of those around here. So you are in great company:)


Nice to hear yoga teacher (especially male ones) are quite rare in Germany ^^



And I believe that getting inspired by other peoples goals and success is the point of the challenge forums, so feel free to copy, share and adapt any goals you like.

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He who conquers others is strong, he who conquers himself is mighty - Lao Tze


Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations - Vulcan philosophy

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Time for a review of the first half-week (30.7. - 2.8.):

Main quest

Training: I overdid my first attempt causing severe muscle soreness making training impossible for the rest of the week. However knowing the upper limit is a good first step to a balanced training routine. Therfore I'm going with 50% for the bodyweight training goal.

Yoga: Due to the muscle soreness I couldn't do my usual morning routine every day, but I got some Asana routines in. I'm going with 60% on this goal.

Meditation: I did a short meditation every day before going to sleep, which should be supplemented with at least one longer meditation during the day. Still I managed to get one meditation in every day and therefore am going with 75% on this goal.

Walking: I spent more than 30 minutes each day walking outside and reached my goal of at least 15 000 steps each day (as measured by a polar loop fitness tracker). I didn't manage the full 2 hours of walking in the forest, but I did walk at least half of the time in city parks or alongside the city river (not really a forest, but still a lot of green and nature). I'm going with 80% on this one.

Sleep: I did get more than 8 hours of sleep on the weekend, but didn't during the week --> 25%

Diet: I cut sugar, sweets and soft drinks from my diet (wasn't that hard since I never had much of those), but I did eat some less optimal carbohydrates --> 75 % 

Overall main quest status:




Side quest:

I was surprised that the side quest was actually easier than the main quest (at least for the last week).

Thursday I went to the local hacker- and maker-space and met some interesting people and decided to join their organisation (after all having an electronics lab at your disposal is always useful).

Saturday and Sunday I met with a new Pen & Paper Role-playing group, which was also a lot of fun.

Admittedly those were not really outside my usual nerd-confort-zone but they were social activities outside the internet, which means they count :redface:

Besides those social activities I spent a lot of time learning about the impact of body language in different social settings and about eatable/medicinal plants currently in season.

Side quest status:

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He who conquers others is strong, he who conquers himself is mighty - Lao Tze


Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations - Vulcan philosophy

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Unfortunately I was extremely busy in August and didn't find time to post my progress. However thanks to tracking apps and habit gamification I didn't stop working on my goals and am now able to give a review for the last 5 weeks of the challenge (3.8. - 6.9.). And hopefully I'll be able to do more status updates for the next challenge.


Main Quest:

Training: I found a suitable HIT bodyweight training routine (with two barbell exercises thrown in). However I only managed to train about 2,5 times (average over 5 weeks) instead of 3 times. But I did manage to do all my travelling by bike or on foot. Besides that I lost a lot of body fat (without loosing too much muscles) and improved my fitness and overall appearance.

All in all I think 80% success on the training sub-goal seems appropriate.

Yoga: I was able to get at least some form of yoga an almost every day during the 5 weeks (missed 4days in total) -> 87% success

Meditation: Similiar to Yoga (missed 5 days) and I used the opportunity to test two meditation apps (Headspace and 7mind) since a lot of my yoga students ask for recommendations on resources for guided meditations. I also switched the meditation time from night to morning and got a far better start into my day than before -> 86% success

Daily outside activity: I did't manage to hit my daily activity goal each day, but looking at the weekly average of outside activities I even exceeded 30 minutes each day. However I sadly couldn't find enough time to spend 2 hours each week in the forest. But that gives me a goal to keep working on in the next month -> 75% success

Sleep: This is still the hardest part of my quest towards better help. There are so many interesting things to do and being partly self-employed there are also so many things I could/should be doing to improve my business and thus I only managed a solid eight hours of sleep on 20 out of 35 days with some days with less than two hours of sleep -> 60% (leaving a lot of room for improvement)

Diet: I developed a paleo-inspired low-carb diet that works well for me and given the loss of body fat mentioned above I think this part of the quest is almost a total success (I did eat some organic raw chocolade sometimes) -> 95%


Main quest status:




Side Quest:

Continuing the trend from the first week my side goal was actually more successful than the main quest. Out of 35 day I learned something new on 32 days (focusing on sex, religion, gender and a few topics related to renovating). It was a very enriching experience and because a few of the topics were quite challenging and/or suprising for me I definitely increased my horizon and mental flexibility.

Side quest status:



And all in all I'm very pleased with my first Nerd Fitness Challenge. Especially since I didn't expect to be that successful at the end and have very real and visible results.

He who conquers others is strong, he who conquers himself is mighty - Lao Tze


Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations - Vulcan philosophy

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